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Software development company in Italy for sale

Software development company in Italy for sale 

  • Size: large
  • Revenue: > 10M EUR 
  • Valuation demands:  5M EUR
  • Location of the e-commerce company: Italy
  • Employees > 100 
  • Reason for sale: The owners are open to hearing from interested buyers
  • #CFIE ITS091

IT or ICT business for sale

Overview of the software development company in Italy for sale

The owners of a Software development company in Italy are open to talking with interested buyers that want to acquire a solid company that has been present on the Italian market for more than 30 years. An ideal buyer would be a company that has clear synergies with the industry and can expand the product range in order to grow the business. The company has more than 100 employees with backgrounds in software development and IT services. Due to excellent services, the firm has managed to grow a very diverse and extensive portfolio of clients.

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Profile (strategy) of the software development company in Italy for sale

The company’s main activity is to work with IT departments ensuring that IT applications and programs function in good condition and are of high quality. For that purpose, the company provides 3 kinds of services: it develops software solutions for the customers’ needs, it offers testing services and supports clients in their daily activity helping them to solve the problems that might occur in their systems. Due to these services, clients can have much better management of application quality and get new specialized skills that improve IT processes’ efficiency. 
Software applications are used in all business phases because they bring effectiveness to sensible issues like time and costs. The company is an excellent partner for clients from industries with highly software-based businesses (telecommunications, logistics, finance). The company can respond to their most complex needs creating customized solutions that integrate perfectly with the customer’s internal processes. 
For the support services, there are 4 packages that clients can access depending on their needs: help desk support, service desk, service appraisal and service evolution control. These are indispensable tools in determining the best quality for company governance and innovation processes.
For testing requirements, the company provides testing services for the following areas: web testing, mobile application assessment, performance investigation, software lifecycle analysis and fundamental testing.  The aim is to reduce the costs of non-productive processes and to improve the software’s quality. 

Activities and services of the software development company in Italy for sale

Software quality is permanently analyzed, tested, improved and support is being provided through high-value services in a manner that brings value and competitive advantage to the client. Such services and activities are as follows:
  • System integration 
  • Mobile web application development and testing  
  • Web site development and assessment
  • Software lifecycle analysis
  • Workflow testing
  • Support services
  • Consultancy

Highlights of the software development company in Italy for sale

  • The company operates in software development and IT consultancy  
  • The company develops software solutions that integrate with clients’ internal processes and improve operational efficiency
  • The owners are open to hearing from interested buyers that want to acquire the company    

Information about this software development company in Italy  

This company has been sold. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding other software development companies for sale in Europe. If you are a software development buyer please visit the section Software development companies for sale or please review the following seller companies: 

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