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Private Swiss Clinical-stage Biotech and Medical Device Company for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: medium
  • Revenue: n/a.
  • Established: 2009
  • Stake for sale: 100%
  • Location of this pharma manufacturer: Switzerland
  • #CFIE PHS023

Overview of this Clinical Stage European Muscle Recovery Booster Drug Laboratory 

Swiss clinical-stage biotech with IP assets based on proprietary technologies for addressing various Orphan and Non-Orphan therapeutic indications in dermatology, ENT and GI. 

Profile (strategy) of this Swiss Clinical-stage Biotechnology / Medtech Company

Since 2009, this privately funded firm run by a team of seasoned executives has followed a virtual business model of in-licensing promising biologics and devices, outsourcing the required development, regulatory and manufacturing services and out-licensing commercialization to corporate partners.

To date, three proprietary technology platforms have been developed. These platforms provide a strong basis for a strategy around fast market access, whether as an orphan drug, a medical device or as a cosmetic product.

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Activities and products of this Swiss Clinical-stage Biotechnology / Medtech Company

The current pipeline consists of seven biopharmaceuticals, three medical devices and two non-prescription, health products. 

The biopharmaceutical pipeline includes a Phase III oral mucositis development with orphan designation and two Phase II products; one orphan drug for mucosae inflammation and another non-orphan drug for GI ulceration. Two other products are at clinical stage for three different orphan therapies. In total, half the medical products are aimed at Orphan indications addressing unmet needs.

The medical device pipeline targets migraine, chronic sinus and cancer therapy-induced wounds with another proprietary technology platform.

One of the two cosmetic products –an anti-aging product- will be in the market at end 2018. The second, a topical treatment for dermatological disorders is still at a research stage.

Highlights of this Swiss Clinical-stage Biotechnology / Medtech Company

  • Fast time to market through different exit models: Orphan, medical device or cosmetic
  • High unmet need for medical product pipeline
  • Lean business model, based on in-licensing, outsourcing and partnerships
  • Seasoned executive team
  • Novel, proprietary technology platforms / IP assets
  • Targeting rare diseases & disorders, ENT, GI, wound care and dermatology

Information about this Swiss Clinical-stage Biotechnology / Medtech Company

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