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Company for sale

  • Sales: Around 4 million EUR
  • EBITDA: Positive
  • Location: Romania
  • Reason for sale: The owners think that an acquisition by a larger plastic manufacturing group would be good for their company as it would gain access to international customers
  • CFIE: PLS139

Overview of this polyethylene packaging company for sale in Romania

The owners of an Eastern European-based company engaged in the production of polyethylene packaging is interested in a sale of 100% of the shares. The potential buyer of this company should ideally be a larger company or group which wants to move or extend operations in this part of Europe and knows how to manage operations in this business with a growth plan for the future. The management believes that its business could be attractive because of its market share, established processes, and relationships with a large number of customers in the region.

Profile (strategy) of this polyethylene packaging company for sale in Romania

This company for sale is a well-established business engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of packaging materials. The company was incorporated approximately 20 years ago. The company is headquartered in Romania but also has customers in Moldova and other neighboring countries.

It is one of the leading enterprises for packaging products in its region. All of the products that it offers are manufactured on-site, by competent service technicians and with respect to all technological requirements, standards and certifications.

The company is a leading packaging material producer in the region. The company owners are searching for a strategic buyer of an equity stake starting from 25% up to 100%. The company is currently owned by four partners with equal stakes. The company currently employs more than 130 workers.

The company has equipped the factory with modern equipment, including:

  • 10+ extruders
  • 15+ polyethylene bag production lines
  • Paper bag production lines
  • Multiple slitter-rewinders
  • Flexographic printing machines
  • Lamination line
  • Plastic recycling machine, etc.

All of the equipment is situated in three factory shops of different sizes with a combined area of more than 4,000 square meters. These factories are entirely owned by the company including the land on which the facilities were built.

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Activities and products of this polyethylene packaging company for sale in Romania

The company owns a modern manufacturing factory. The factory operates non-stop (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and employees work in shifts. The factory is specialized mainly in the production of:


  • Polyethylene packaging (LDPE, HDPE bags, and films for different industries)
  • Paper packaging (for bakery and confectionery products)
  • Shrinkable films
  • Vacuum packaging, etc.


The company is also able to provide flexographic printing on different types of materials. The company for sale has been working with the leading manufacturers of raw materials and has a long list of customers. The company works for example with regional retail networks, bakery and confectionery factories, carpet producing factories, sugar refineries, glass-manufacturing plants, and other companies. The products are delivered to the clients by the transport vehicles also owned by the company.

The revenue of the company is growing slowly, but steadily over the last decade. Average monthly sales are in the range of 300-400 thousand EUR.

Highlights of this polyethylene packaging company for sale in Romania

  • The company represents a well-established packaging business that is open for sale to strategic investors
  • The company has stable and slightly growing revenue
  • The acquisition could be a great opportunity for a strategic buyer from the packaging industry willing to have a subsidiary in Southern/Eastern Europe



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