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Pharma ERP company for sale

Pharma ERP company for sale IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: small-sized
  • Revenue: > EUR 4M
  • Location of the Pharma ERP company for sale: Europe
  • Valuation demands for 100% of the shares: >4M
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for strategic investors in order to grow the business. The owner wants to stay and grow the business with a stronger strategic investor that has contacts to possible new clients.
  •  #CFIE ITS073

Overview for the Pharma ERP company for sale

The owners of a Pharma ERP company are looking for strategic investors in order to further expand the business in the right way and to maximize its future value. The company provides ERP software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The software applications support clients in the entire activity cycle from research to manufacturing and sales. The team is formed by more than 25 experienced employees. This company has a lot of potential to grow due to its products and to large clients base. The products and services of the company are good and it has clients in Northern Europe and globally. However, the company could use support to attract more customer in Europe. The buyer that has access to such pharma companies would be a suited partner or investor.

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Profile (strategy) for the Pharma ERP company for sale

Pharmaceutical companies, unlike other industries, have to do with a lot of challenges that are at a much bigger scale than the standard enterprise resource planning (ERP): complex operations, advanced project and quality management, compliance with rigorous regulatory requirements, and many more. So it is a challenge itself to deliver services that respond to all these requirements. This company has the capability to meet the total range of ERP needs for pharmaceutical companies, minimize customizations and implementation challenges and give expert, proven consulting and support from a trusted advisor.
The company's solution includes core ERP functionality. ERP software helps to remove processes and systems that are excessive which increase productivity and lowers the cost of doing business overall.
These are innovative solutions, the products are delivered in different packages, depending on customer's need. The total service can be purchased at a much lower cost than the cost of the individual software applications and components bought separately. Customers are able to choose and to select the suitable modules that meet their special needs and also they can expand the purchase of modules as time goes by.
The solutions for the pharmaceutical industry operate on Microsoft Dynamics platform, a fact that has the following effects: improves productivity, manages change and growth, competes globally and simplifies compliance.
Due to its special status, Pharmaceutical companies need more than IT expertise. They need services that require experience meeting industry, business, and technology challenges. The solutions and the services of this company assemble the technical knowledge and the deep understanding of the industry's character.
Enterprise Architecture: gives the ability to integrate and organize processes, data and technologies. Undoubtedly this registers a positive effect on productivity, compliance and quality.
Solution assessment: it analysis the current solution and spots the opportunities to generate extra value
ERP Implementation: ERP solution tailored for the specific of the Pharmaceutical companies needs which requires a team of experts with expertise both in IT and Pharma.  
Project Management: is a major aspect taken into consideration when dealing with large size projects and programs. In this highly regulated industry the Project Management team is offering guidance, leading and support for each phase of the project.
Computer System Validation: it is about ensuring that regarding the IT Systems, the regulations requirements for the industry are met

Activities and services of the Pharma ERP company

The company develops, delivers and maintains full range of ERP solutions and services:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution assessment
  • ERP Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Computer System Validation

Here an overview of the services provided by the ERP system for the pharmaceutical company:
  • Financial Management, Planning & Budgeting
  • Combination with operations and Supply Chain
  • Business Intelligence (BI) to improve the reporting and understanding of the business

Highlights for the Pharma ERP company

  • The company provides ERP software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The products are tailored to meet the specific customer’s need.
  • The owners are expanding the business and are looking for strategic investors
  • The company has a lot of potential to grow

Information of the Pharma ERP company

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this software company for the pharma industry for sale. If this software company for the pharma industry for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other information technology companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of information technology companies please visit the section information technology companies wanted.