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Online media internet company in France for sale

Online media internet company for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: tiny
  • Revenue: > 3M EUR 
  • EBITDA: > 20%
  • Employees: > 15
  • Valuation demands: > 4M (100% Enterprise Value)
  • Location of the Online media internet company: France
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in France, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS196

Overview of the Online media internet company in France for sale 

The owners of this company for sale present an opportunity for investors that might be interested to invest in this fast growing company. The activity is focused on the IT community for which the company has developed various platforms and organizes events. Since IT professionals and young people associated with millennials have various interests and represent a large proportion of consumers of certain high-tech products, the company has activities and media channels created just for this category of audience. This enterprise has recorded revenues above 3M EUR of which the EBITDA margin represents more than 20%, this means a large potential in case of growth. In conclusion, the management is looking for a buyer or investor to grow the business further.

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Profile (strategy) of the Online media internet company in France for sale

The company is an independent online media group focusing on community related to high-tech, video games, comics, music, cinema or high tech. Millennials are a key audience for advertisers and reports show that IT related people occupy senior corporate and political influence positions, they are passionate, connected and spend many hours sharing on social media. They have a strong influence over older generations, they set the trends across all industries, that is why advertisers spend a lot of resources to attract these kinds of categories. The company activates and targets the IT community via multiple channels such as online publishing, subscription offer and events. Online publishing refers to online media specialized in high-tech, gaming, pop culture and photo. Subscription offer represents the way the company monetizes its community (a box of products dedicated to IT community). Events organized for IT people are a good method to gather IT professionals, to share information, experience and to develop networking. Results show that for all these business channels the company gathers more than 6M online visits per month, more than 5000 live visitors, more than 1M followers on Twitter and more than 200.000 likes on FB.

The team composed by around 20 employees masters brand content, social media, display campaigns and offline networking. The online publishing department offers special operations and content marketing & native advertising. The e-commerce division takes care of subscriptions, product reviews & sampling. The offline event team is dealing with event sponsorship and offline marketing. The community is composed of influencers and industry experts that are the best ambassadors for brands and have strong power of recommendation within tech people. The brands on the platforms perfectly match with millennials interest. On the platform, IT professionals find precious info about software programs, high-tech products, video games, cinema, buying guides and tips regarding offers, good deals and agenda of meetings. On the photography website can be found info, products, brands and tips for the community interested in photography. The company has relations with top brands and offers a unique proposition: a one-stop-shop for advertisers targeting large and prescriptive audience.

Activities and services of the Online media internet company in France for sale

The company for sale has several online channels that target IT professionals. On these platforms, tech people can find info about high-tech products, video games, cinema and tips regarding offers, good deals, buying guides and agenda of meetings. The company also organizes events for networking.

Highlights of the Online media internet company in France for sale

  • The enterprise has several online channels dedicated to IT community
  • The company organizes events for networking
  •  The company has revenues from subscriptions and advertising
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested to grow the business in France

Information about this Online media internet company in France  

Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding more about this Online media internet company in France for sale. If this Online media internet company for sale in France does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other ITS companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of IT and software companies, please visit the section ITS companies wanted.

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