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Mushroom factory Greece for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: small business
  • Revenue: approx. 2M EUR
  • Location of the mushroom factory: Greece
  • #CFIE TSC027

Overview of the mushroom factory in Greece for sale 

The company based in Greece has been devoted to mushroom growing and marketing for almost 10 years. The management of this Greek mushroom factory for sale is considering a sale of the company to a suited buyer.  The mushroom factory promises medium back capital (4 years) and high profitability to shareholders.

Profile (strategy) of this mushroom factory in Greece 

The company grows and sells mushrooms on the Greek as well as the global market. The mushroom factory with base in Greece has leased spaces of 3000 m2. Within the area there being no additional space built 750 m in order to create the substrate unit. Within the buildings, there are 12 chambers equipped with modern technology for serving and developing almost all types of mushrooms, office spaces, reception and cooling boxes. 
The company has taken all the necessary permits (Sanitary, fire, etc.). The company own industrial Area of more than 3000 sq.m in total area 10.000t.m
The running costs of the mushroom factory need to be calculated. Examples include:
  • payroll
  • packaging materials
  • power
  • water
  • raw materials for the production of fungal substrates.
Approximately 15 people are required to operate the mushroom factory, of which 2 managers, 1 production director, 2 marketing coordinators, 1 technician and 5 to 10 employees responsible for storage and transport. 


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Products and activities of the mushroom factory in Greece for sale 

The mushroom is a food product integrated into the food chain of super foods. The demand in the Greek and global market is growing. Due to the continuous increase in demand is yet the production is deficient. Therefore the choice of mushroom, knowledge of production, the production conditions, the demand on the internal and external markets, but also if possible optimum value by type and the demand of the market, are positive elements the investor, performance and payback of capital.
Premises and factory equipment is suitable for growing these types of mushrooms:
  • Pleurotus eringii
  • Pleurotus cornocopiae
  • Pleurotus ostreacus
The operating costs of the company consists mainly of the supply of raw materials, the operational support costs like payroll, supplies, packaging materials, water, energy support unit, telecommunications and marketing.

Highlights of the mushroom factory in Greece for sale

  • The company owns all the necessary equipment to produce mushrooms
  • Demand for mushrooms is growing and there is a lack of companies involved in this business
  • The company is open for a sale

Information of the mushroom factory in Greece for sale

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