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Multimedia travelling app for sale

  • Revenue: < 1M EUR
  • Employees: < 10
  • Location of the Multimedia travelling app: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Europe, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • •#CFIE ITS188

Overview of the Multimedia travelling app in Europe for sale

The owners of this multimedia travelling app company are looking to extend the business in order to address the product to B2B segment. For this it is necessary to increase marketing and specific activities that require more resources. The management is looking for investors that are willing to partnering in this business and to grow it further. The owners are open to discuss with strategic investors various options for this deal to be done, it can be either a partial sale or a total one. A potential buyer could be either a company with tourist activities and services addressed to B2B clients either a larger company that can serve tourist enterprises. This app can be integrated in a tourist offer.


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Profile (strategy) of the Multimedia travelling app in Europe for sale

The company for sale has developed an app that works as an audio travel guide even when the smartphone is offline. Through the app, the user receives valuable information regarding places to visit, the information is researched and carefully selected by the app taking into consideration the user’s preferences. In this way, the tourist can choose what he wants to see and experience. Buildings, structures and historical areas are on the list, the user only walks and hear relevant information in a unique format, the audio voice of the app will say significant stories regarding the things the user sees at a certain moment. The audio senses are joining the visual senses and together provide incredible moments. The same stories and the historical facts can be heard again after the trip is over, as a reminder of that experience.
Whether the trip is for business or for pleasure, the app will help the tourist to obtain the most out of the visits to the new areas and it will make the visited places to seem familiar. Everything starts with downloading the app for free. Then the tourist is able to choose the city, the route and the language he prefers. After the route is downloaded too, the tourist can start his journey by listening to the audio guidance and following the route specifications. The app works offline – with no roaming fees, due to the fact that it uses GPS for navigation, in case is lost the tourist is able to check where he is by looking at the map and the pictures and play the information again, in this way he can adjust his path and get in to the right route. The app is continuously checking the tourist’s position on the route, the audio sound stops when the tourists is taking a break and starts again when the tourist is entering in the zone of the next point of interest. The comments in the headphones are displayed automatically and are always relevant to the tourist’s actual position. After the trip is over, the app allows the tourist to share his experience with his friends.

Activities and services of the Multimedia travelling app in Europe for sale

The company developed an app that is a personal guide, thanks to it the user is saving money that otherwise would have paid for a professional human guide.  The tourist using this app is free to choose his own pace and has complete independency. This product is perfect for people that do not like large groups of tourists or that have limited time for sightseeing.

Highlights of the Multimedia travelling app in Europe for sale

  • The company is developed a multimedia travelling app
  • The app is a guide and navigator
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested to grow the business

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