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Metal parts manufacturer Romania for sale

Automotive business for sale

Metal stamping and galvanizing manufacturer in Romania for sale

  • Sales of the metal parts manufacturer: > 1m Euro
  • Location of the metal part supplier: Romania
  • Employees: 25
  • Profit: 0.2m Euro/y (2011-2014, 4 years average)
  • Total assets: 1.0m Euro (2014)
    Reason for sale: Shareholder would like to retire. After the Transaction, if requested the shareholder would stay at the Company as advisor.
  • #CFIE MAS086

Overview metal parts manufacturer Romania for sale

The company was founded more than 5 years ago. The business lays on a own property of 7.810 sqm., out of which 2,390 sqm. of warehouses and production halls/ coating line / workshops/ offices. The company produces steel stamped parts for the automotive industry and has clients mainly based in Romania and in EU. The production is carried out in a factory owned by the company. The factory is equipped with all necessary facilities and equipment for stamping and zinc coating and employs 25 people. The automotive supplying company has certificates. ISO/TS 16940:2009,  ISO 14001 .

Profile (strategy) of metal stamped manufacturer for sale

The company was founded more than 5 years ago and has experienced a constant growth ever since. The company has gradually improved and expanded its operations investing in new presses, modern machineries and hiring new personnel. The company has then been able to expand its products range and won new clients. The owner aims to grow the business further and expand it internationally.
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Activities and products of this Romanian manufacturer

The company produces a wide array of metal parts for the automotive industry.
The company owns the production facilities. The company has one factory with two stamping facility and one full automated galvanizing line. The factory is equipped with several H, C type eccentric and transfer presses with a range spanning from 60 to 315 tons. Further, the company has an extensive variety of equipment to produce parts in different shapes and material.

Highlights for this metal stamped parts manufacturer for sale

The company is an interesting target for a manufacturing buyer. It has been growing since its inception and has a solid client base. The company has modern production facilities making easier to expand the business further. Here some highlights of this Romanian metal parts manufacturer for sale:
  • Fast growing metal parts manufacturer
  • Access to automotive manufacturing supplier
  • Further potential to grow this metal parts manufacturer
  • Located in a country with interesting economic growth for the future
  • Modern production facilities making easier to expand the business further.

Information about Romanian metal stamped manufacturer for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Romanian manufacturing company for sale. If this Romanian manufacturing for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other available Romanian manufacturing for sale. For more Romanian companies for sale please visit Romanian companies for sale.