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Media app software company in Europe for sale

Media app software company for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Revenue: > 2M EUR 
  • Employees: > 25
  • Location of the Media app software company: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Europe, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
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Overview of the Media app software company in Europe for sale 

The company provides a platform that allows app owners to have access to all major ad networks and get revenue through Real Time Bidding (RTB) services. The platform integrates in a single system ad networks such as Google Ad Manager, App Nexus, Facebook Audience Network, Smaato, MoPub, InMobi, Amazon, AdMob etc. The app publisher is able to choose the best network that is offering the highest chances to record maximum revenues. Using the company's solution app owners have their revenue optimized in an automated way. App publishers have an easier way to manage their app advertising. Practically the solution delivered is a marketplace for media apps where media companies can generate income with their apps. The company's mission is to generate maximum advertising revenues for app owners and to offer performant services and tech support. The company for sale has a team of around 40 employees that drive more than 2M Euro revenue. The company has offices in various European countries and wants to grow its operations. The owners would be open to talk with potential buyers that are able to support the company's expansion.

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Profile (strategy) of the Media app software company in Europe for sale

The company provides an RTB solution that enables app developers (owners) to publish their advertising space on the most popular ad marketplaces. Due to this mobile mediation platform there are monetized billions of ad impressions and are recorded maximum revenues for the app publishers. The platform is operated globally and the team offers a fully managed service for its publishers, services such as SDK integrations, performance analysis and reporting, app ad strategy, etc. The machine learning-based optimizations ensure app publishers they get the highest advertising revenues. Thousands of enterprises and some of the largest media companies in the world have founded this solution to best suit their needs for ad revenue optimization. The team is formed of specialists with many years of experience in the mobile and advertising industry, they are professionals that know what are the challenges app publishers have to face and have the right strategies to make things work.

The company has a special partnership with Google and has access to the largest RTB exchange in the world which is Google Ad Manager. The team helps app publishers to optimize the functioning of Google products in the most efficient way. The platform ensures there is delivered the highest possible fillrate which means the ad with the highest paying rate is displayed in the app. The company's integrated solution offers a dashboard which has special features that help in reporting and analytics. It collects all the relevant data and information such as user base, DAU, MAU, session length and delivers important values and KPIs that help the user to analyse performance. The team is always focused on updating the solution, adding new parameters and optimizing algorithms for an increased performance. App publishers will begin instantly to earn money once the app is available on the app stores.

Activities and services of the Media app software company in Europe for sale

The company for sale developed a platform that allows media app owners to publish their advertising space. The team delivers services such as:
  • Ad Revenue Optimization
  • Yield Management
  • Performance Analysis
  • SDK Integration
  • Account Management
  • Reporting 
  • Billing 
  • Tech support

Highlights of the Media app software company in Europe for sale

  • The company has developed a solution that integrates all major ad networks
  • The solution allows app publishers to obtain revenue from app advertising
  • The company is in full development and needs resources to support the growth 
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested to grow the business in Europe

Information about this Media app software company in Europe  

Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding more about this Media app software company in Europe for sale. If this Media app software company for sale in Europe does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other ITS companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of IT and software companies, please visit the section ITS companies wanted.

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