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Meat processing company in Poland for sale

Company for sale

  • Revenue: >5 million EUR
  • EBITDA: <1 million EUR
  • Location: Poland
  • Reason for sale: The owners would like to identify strategic investors for participation in acquisition of 100 % equity share.
  • #CFIE FOS034

Overview of this meat processing company in Poland for sale

The European food industry is famous for its meat sector. The meat processing industry in Central Eastern Europe benefits from low wages and expected future increases in the consumption of meat and processed meat products. This company is a meat processing company with >20 years’ experience and great reputation. The company has its own processed meat product lines and well-recognized meat products. The strong market position is ensured thanks to 11 own shops throughout Poland. 

Profile (strategy) of this meat processing company in Poland for sale

The core business is the production of processed meat products and sale of fresh meat. There is a possibility to increase production scale by investing in new, additional machines and generate more revenue. The meat processing company in Poland is specialized in the food industry, especially in meat processing and distributing. This company has >80 employees. 60% of revenue comes from the production of cold cuts, and almost 40% of the sale of meat. The company which until now has been run by a family and focused on maintaining high quality has significant opportunity to scale up the revenue as well as increase the margin. 

The company has its own production of meat products and its own brands. Customers can be divided into business customers, large retail chains, wholesalers, restaurants and individuals and families through 11 own shops. For meat processing corporates this meat processing company is a potential target with the opportunity to grow the business and increase profits as well.  

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Activities and products of this meat processing company in Poland for sale

This meat processing company is in the meat industry and all meat products are certified. Meat products are:

  • thin sausages; 
  • thick sausages; 
  • semi-permanent sausages; 
  • smoked ham;
  • meat rolls;
  • stuffed meat products. 

Highlights of this meat processing company in Poland for sale

  • This company is specialized in the processing, marketing and distributing of fresh meat and meat products.
  • This meat processing company is based in Poland and owns 11 shops.
  • The company has more than 20 years of business experience. 
  • The company is looking for a buyer of 100% of shares.
  • There is a window for growing production and increasing profits. 

Information about this meat processing company in Poland for sale

Feel free to contact us regarding this meat processing company in Poland for sale. If this meat processing company does not fit to your requirements, feel free to ask for other companies in our section companies for sale. For buyers of companies please visit the section companies wanted.

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