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Manufacturer for machinery components for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Manufacturer for sale in Spain

  • Sales: 1,5m Euro
  • Location of the company: Spain
  • Employees: >10
  • Reason for sale: Seller is looking for a full sale of the business
  • CFIE SPS039

Overview Spanish manufacturing company

Spanish manufacturer is open for a sale. Get more information about this Spanish manufacturer that specializes in robotic welding.

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Profile manufacturing business for sale

The company offers manufacturing services with very modern machines out of Spain. The company specializes in processes and robotic welding with a great deal of experience in the sector. The business possesses installations of 2000m2, machinery of the highest technological standard and a team of professionals to guarantee the maximum quality in the full manufacturing processes.

The company manufactures machinery components, steel structures, industrial rollers and metal work. Further, it is active in robotic welding and the assembly of welded units. The company performs the manufacturing, assembly and verification of all products. It owns three robotic welding stations which incorporates welding robots. These facilities allow the company to work on pieces of substantial weight and high precision welding for mass produced processes of a capacity of up to 2000kg.

Products manufacturer

The company for sale is active in manufacturing of machinery components.

Highlights manufacturing company for sale

The company has further production potential and could scale up quickly if further business were available.

Information about this manufacturer in Spain

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