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Company for sale

  • Size: a small company
  • Location: Western/Central Europe
  • Revenue: <1 million EUR
  • Reason for sale: The owner decided to pass on the company to a buyer, that is capable to expand his company to overseas market
  • #CFIE MAS141

Overview of this manufacturer of electric water heaters

We are communicating with a small company owner interested in selling the share in his company specialized in the development and manufacture of instantaneous water heaters. The company has been developing its product family for 6 years since its establishment, now the owner wants to find someone that would introduce it to markets overseas. The company is ready for sale right after a suited buyer occurs.

Profile (strategy) of this water heaters manufacturer 

The company is a small innovative manufacturer established more than approx. 5 years ago and is run by the founder until today. The company is focused on the development of an electric instantaneous water heater product family, with heaters that have the same efficiency at different times. 

The product of the company has undergone multiple years of development, optimization, and UL approval. At present, the production target has been met and fits the market needs in North and South America. The owner now decided to hand over the enterprise to interested buyer, capable to process these markets.

The owner of this company is ready to sell the overall business as a 100% share deal, partial share deal or as an asset deal. It would be best if the company would be acquired by the existing USA or South American business. The company is suitable for the water heater manufacturing industry, or similar manufacturing business, that is willing to expand its product range and start selling the products in the Americas. 

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Activities and products of this manufacturer of water heaters for sale

The company has developed and tested a progressive water heater that uses the most current technologies in order to be as efficient and smart as possible. The heaters have been developed with the aim of reducing water and energy consumption, and at the same time providing smart features that make the most of everyday use for end-users.

The company has multiple types of heaters ready – intended for heating at different temperatures.

The products are patented and of high quality. Especially in the US market, there is a high interest and market space for this type of product. The heaters reduce the cost of electricity/energy and also at the same time reduces carbon footprint of the user.

Highlights of this manufacturer of efficient water heaters

  • The company for sale is a small company, that has developed a unique water heater solutions
  • The company owner has its designs patented 
  • The water heaters have better properties than the current industry standards

Information about this water heater manufacturer for sale

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More information on this manufacturer of electric water heaters for sale

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