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Manufacturer of container houses in Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Revenue: <5 million EUR
  • Representation: sell side
  • Location: Europe
  • Reason for sale: capital injection is needed to finance the growth; alternatively majority sell could be also negotiated  
  • #CFIE MAS018

Overview of this manufacturer of container houses in Europe for Sale

The company offers turnkey houses and other functional buildings made out of marine containers. There are around 14 million out-of-service containers all around the world which makes them easily available at a low cost. Due to its modular nature, it can be assembled in any way, making it scalable. The company is growing fast due to the nature of the market: several countries in Europe has formulated initiatives that focus on building and operating structures following green building concepts, which in the future will further increase the demand for such housing projects. Furthermore, the increased population and urbanization will drive the need for new constructions, where the limited availability of space is a major constraint.

Profile of this manufacturer of container houses in Europe for Sale

The company serves its customers out of a 10,000 m2 production facility with specialized workforce and machinery. It can be installed on any type of terrain, ground and floor. The structural integrity and modular nature makes it ideal for housing development projects. The containers are well insulated (thermally and acoustically) and treated with anti-corrosion materials in order to be durable. Housing development made out of marine containers are eco-friendly as there is no need for brick, cement or wood. Additionally, the construction period is a lot shorter than for the traditional constructions. 

During the transformation process, the containers are reinforced so the structure can be exposed to heavy usage and harsh weather conditions. The containers will be cut for the windows and doors, anti-corrosion treatment and insulation will be added in order to protect it so it can be used in any climate.

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Activities and products of this manufacturer of container houses in Europe for Sale

Containers are transformed into houses, bars, stands and many others as basically the function of these buildings are limitless. The buildings then equipped based on the requirement of the client at an affordable prices. Container building are easy to install and relocate, and can be built in factory and installed at the required location, or they can be constructed directly at the site. These buildings offer maximum energy efficiency, minimal maintenance and upkeep, and a unique experience. 

Highlights of this manufacturer of container houses in Europe for Sale

  • Growing market for sustainable and green concept buildings;
  • Reduced construction cost;
  • Can be constructed within short period of time as compared to regular homes;
  • The buildings are special and unique with all the amenities a regular building can offer;
  • Buildings can be easily relocated.

Information about this this manufacturer of container houses in Europe for Sale

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