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Managed service provider in Netherlands for sale

Managed service provider in Netherlands for sale 

  • Size: small
  • Revenue: > 1M EUR 
  • Location of the Managed service provider: Netherlands
  • Asking price: > 1M EUR
  • Employees: < 20
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for an exit 
  • #CFIE ITS099

Overview of the Managed service provider in Netherlands for sale

The owner of a Managed service provider in Netherlands is looking to sell the business he created.  He is open to speaking to interested buyers that want to acquire a solid company with well-rounded product services. The company has an experience of more than 20 years in developing solutions for IT domain. A team of 20 specialized employees ensures the customers that they get the full help needed. The company has a stable and diverse portfolio of clients. The owner is open for various options in closing the deal.

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Profile (strategy) of the Managed service provider in Netherlands for sale

The company activates in delivering cloud solutions and server management services. It is mainly active in the Netherlands. The company assures solid automation solutions by working in the cloud and using smart and new technology. Due to these solutions, the costs related with ICT are cut and displayed in a clear way, which brings predictability and helps in budgeting.
If customers need custom support for applications or flexible platform, the company has the relevant solutions. Clients are in two categories: some prefer traditional automation (having in house servers) and others use cloud automation. In the first case the company helps those clients with server execution and implementation for fail over techniques. For the cloud auomation solution, the company has its hosting held in advanced data centers with optimum phisical conditions in terms of security, energy facilities, climate and system control. Processes are much easier, in the business applications users can connect anywhere in the world. 

Another automation solution is represented by HIP telephony which means using of telephone exchange in the cloud, thing that presents the following advantages: a secure and updated telephone exchange, availability at any location, a reduce of the call costs (a fixed amount per month).

Clients find very useful the company’s services are from various industries such as Financial services, Logistics services, School support services, Construction industry. They have a high volume of inside processes that need automation solutions.

Activities and services of the Managed service provider in Netherlands for sale

In delivering high quality solutions, the company has partnerhsips with various global IT providers such as IBM, Cisci, Microsoft, VMware or Lenovo. 

Product services provided: 
  • Automation
  • Storage
  • Network infrastructure
  • Virtualization
  • IT security
  • Workplace environment management
  • Consultancy
Other services:
  • Preventive service
  • Outsourcing the automation
  • Emergency plan
  • Online backups without human intervention
  • Software licenses analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Helpdesk and Online support

Highlights of the Managed service provider in Netherlands for sale

  • The company activates in delivering cloud solutions and server management services  
  • The company has remarkable product services and a solid portfolio of clients
  • The owner is looking for an exit 

Information about this Managed service provider in Netherlands  

This company has been sold. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding other managed service companies for sale in Europe. If you are a managed service buyer please visit the section IT companies for sale or please review the following seller companies:

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