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Laboratory electronic measurement systems manufacturing company for sale in Europe

Company for sale

  • Size: Small Medium Size
  • Revenue: Sales >20 million EUR
  • Location : Europe
  • #CFIE MAS054

Overview of the Laboratory electronic measurement systems manufacturing company for Sale

With a good history, This Company for sale is a leading manufacturer/supplier of test, control, lab and weighing equipment, by offering over 500 instruments for industries like engineering, manufacturing, food, environmental and aerospace. The seller works in the field of: industrial measurement tools that help to better understand and optimize processes. Its field of activity also includes the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial products that help to increase efficiency in many industries, such as industrial plants or laboratories.

Profile (strategy) of the Laboratory electronic measurement systems manufacturing company for Sale

This Company have an efficient supplying management system, allowing it to cut down acquisition costs, in order to cope with a competitive market.  In time, it has over 600 instruments from the areas of measurement, control and weighing technology.

The company for sale offers complete solutions for demanding industrial and modern measurement tasks. Its solutions achieve maximum reliability in measurements. In the field of inspection and non-destructive testing, the company can provide measuring instruments to determine and analyze the quality of various scientific and industrial applications without damaging the material.

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Activities and products 

The product portfolio covers a wide range incl. environmental testers, moisture analyzers, video inspection cameras, lab/industrial scales, balances, and sensor equipment. The seller has developed its own product line and can provide specialized solutions on demand in order to optimize processes and cut operating costs, and offer preventive solutions that detect possible deviations directly during the manufacturing process, reducing costs and time.

The company for sale offers also some manufacturing monitoring solutions like measurement data collection, transmission, storage, visualization, monitoring and control and regulation of manufacturing processes for machines.

Highlights of the Laboratory electronic measurement systems manufacturing company for Sale

  • Customer industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Defense; Mechanical Engineering; Medical
  • The measuring instruments are the main focus of this seller.
  • The company for sale relies on specialized engineers and technicians who develop and manufacture custom solutions. The close cooperation with the customer allows to the seller achieving coordinated solutions and guarantee that the measuring instruments meet the expectations of its customers.
  • The company services include maintenance, calibration and repair of equipment.

Information about the Laboratory electronic measurement systems manufacturing company for Sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this laboratory electronic measurement systems manufacturing company with owners looking for investors in their company. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we know dozens of manufacturing companies available for sale. If this manufacturer for sale in Romania does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other manufacturing companies for sale. You can also check other companies for sale located in Europe, to do so visit the section manufacturing companies wanted.

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