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Insulation manufacturing company

Manufacturing business for sale

Insulation manufacturing company for sale

  • Sales: 5m Euro
  • Location: Serbia
  • Employees: 50
  • Reason for sale: Owner is planning to retire and wants to sell the company
  • #CFIE MAS101

Overview insulation manufacturing company for sale

The company, operating for more than 25 years, produces insulation material for buildings and pipelines. The owner of the insulation company for sale is interested in selling his business. The business is based in Serbia and is a middle size company with around 50 employees and a yearly turnover of more than 5 millions of EURos. The company in Serbia for sale is dealing with the insulation of buildings and pipelines. The company uses foam for insulation and has two production plants. There is further room for a buyer to expand the production scope. The reason why the owner is interested in selling is because he wants to go in retirement and want to go out from the business. The employees who have worked for years want to stay in the production and expand the business in cooperation with a larger (international) buyer.
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Profile (strategy) of insulation manufacturing company for sale

The company has the strategy to work with a team of experts that is active for the past 25 years. They work on new technologies and the improvement of technology for insulation with polyurethane and polyethylene. The insulation company for sale in Serbia operates at two separate locations. The company has a total business and production space of more than 10k m² and a warehouse space of more than 30k m². The owner is looking for preferably a strategic buyer to grow the business. The shareholders are also open to consider other strategic transactions, such as a merger or a joint venture, with players who are eager to take the business a step further.

Activities and products of the insulation manufacturer

The company produces
  • Pre insulation of steel pipes and pipe elements
  • Thermo-shrinkable joints
  • Anti corrosive protection
  • Robot welding
  • Pre-insulated pipes
  • Delivery systems for leak detection of pipelines
The activities are carried out in production facilities fully equipped for the purpose of pre insulation of steel pipes and pipe elements with polyurethane for transportation of hot and cold fluids. This technology is used to perform heating pipelines, pipelines, oil pipelines and industrial installations for transport of fluids, home installation and gas stations.

Highlights for the insulating manufacturing company for sale

The company is well positioned in the Serbian market and has long experience. The employees are committed to continue to make the company a success. Please reach out to us if you are interested in the acquisition of this insulation company for sale. For further manufacturing companies please go to our section with manufacturing companies for sale.