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Heating company HVAC Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: Small-Medium business
  • Revenue: Revenue >4m EUR
  • Established:   More than 40 years ago
  • Location of the company for sale: Europe
  • Employees : 50-200 
  • Specialization: Infrared Heating, Poultry heating, Golf court heating et Industrial heating.
  • Reason for sale: The Company wants to sell all its shares.
  • #CFIE ISM003

Overview of the the Heating company HVAC in Europe for sale.

The Seller, a mid-sized company, is renowned in Europe for the quality and efficiency of the products offered. The company has two activity domains: one that produces and trades industrial heating equipment and another one with poultry technologies.

Its factory is equipped with a test laboratory for checking the heaters produced. All of its heaters are CE certified and are tested with all the analyzers required to maintain the highest quality standards.  The company for sale reached the representation of its products in almost 100 Countries from all over the world. The owners are currently interested in selling the business. 

Profile (strategy) of this Heating company HVAC in Europe.

The seller is a well-established HVAC company located in Europe. The group is globally present and has clients in Europe, South Africa, North and Central America, and Asia. This company for sale is a “self-made” organization, meaning that it is what it is by making products itself and from there also shaping its own future. It create its products in its own factory, from raw materials to client specific, working products.

This company for sale is investing in significant research and development to meet the goals that the world of today demands. The use of alternative energy sources made this company come up with a design change towards "bio-fuels". A development beyond the point of no return that it is integrating into its products, and by doing so, preserving The planet..

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Activities and products of this Heating Company HVAC for Sale

This company, is an innovative producer of HAVC (Heating, Air Ventilation and Cooling) systems. The company manufactures black tubes, radiant panels, ceramic terrace and camping heaters and electrical radiant panels for: Industrial halls, Animal halls, Terraces and commercial spaces, Churches, Gymnasiums, Football stadiums, Golf courses And Industrial ovens.

It also provides:

  • Product range for the poultry industry: The objective of This company for sale is to continuously develop the poultry equipment, in order to support and help the farmers and the birders in obtaining the best performance parameters. More than 1.6 million this company gasfired Infrared heaters have already found their way to over 90 countries worldwide. its unique agrarian heating systems offer several advantages compared to conventional heating : Speeding up animals’ growth - Lower investment costs-Quick and efficient warming-up time -No airflow and operating quietly - Allows heating an area without walls - 50% less CO2 emission and 60% energy conservation compared to conventional heating )

  • Products for the Pig industry: this company ’s infrared heating doesn’t affect the relative humidity. This restricts the spread of bacteria and germs. The infrared heater doesn’t emit visible light and therefore doesn’t disrupt the animals sleep cycle.

  • Heating solution for large spaces: This company is a manufacturer of efficient and comfortable infrared heating and offers an appropriate solution to every factory floor, regardless of the layout or the use of the building. The advantages of gas-infrared heating:  Lower investment costs - Pay-back period of two to three years -  Quick and efficient warming-up time - No airflow and operating quietly.

  • Sidewalk café heating: Terrace for public and private domains.

  • Heating equipment for outdoor use: This company heaters are safe, economical to operate and are fully EEC approved. Also very suitable for Camp sites, Markets, Boats and Box offices.

  • Ceramic infrared Tiles: The radiation devices have been fitted with ceramic burner plates, which are produced in-house.

Highlights of this Heating company HVAC Company for Sale

  • Excellent price : High quality with manufacturer prices

  • Quick delivery: Stocks for the basic products. 

  • Research and development: This Company research the most efficient technologies. 

  • Technical support: a team of engineers that offer service and technical supports

  •  European quality: Certified quality for over 40 years.

Information about this Heating company HVAC for Sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this HAVC heating company for sale. If this HAVC Company for sale does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other manufacturing companies for sale. If you are interested in  buyers of manufacturing companies, please visit the section manufacturing companies wanted. Please feel free to contact us if you own a similar company and looking for an investor.

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