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Hospital software app company for sale

  • Revenue: < 1 million EUR
  • Employees: > 10
  • Location: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Europe, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS525

Overview of the hospital software app company in Europe for sale

The company is involved in developing and selling a software tool for measuring and improving quality and safety in the healthcare industry, the product is being bought especially by hospitals. Due to the specialized features, medical organizations are able to optimize processes, reduce costs and improve performance. All of this is realized while remaining in compliance with quality, patient safety requirements, and accreditation programs. The product itself is a web-based application that enables medical centers to monitor the real-time performance of internal processes. It helps medical staff to improve operations management in order to offer better quality and increased safety of medical care. Employees find it very easy to use the app because it can be adjusted and customized to meet specific requirements. It is a perfect tool that encourages collaboration, motivation, responsibility, and transparency. Moreover, the solution helps management to measure progress in terms of compliance, quality, safety, and employee engagement. Health professionals are motivated to be proactive and efficient in their daily work with patients. The company has numerous accreditations and certifications (such as ISO 9001). The owner has plans to sell the business as a good method for increasing the company’s operations and market exposure. A potential buyer could be a software company that is active in the medical field with a product portfolio specialized for this sector.

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Profile (strategy) of the hospital software app company in Europe for sale

The company has been active in the market for around 7 years and has the potential to be a decisive player in its niche. The web-based solution developed for the healthcare sector is designed to automate, standardize and track specific operations within hospitals. The tool can be used in various activities related to internal auditing such as quality checks, inspections, verifications, and self-assessments. Most of the use is targeted toward the healthcare sector, but the solution can also be beneficial in industrial manufacturing environments. Some of the features include the possibility to display various dashboards and set up multiple quality standards, and it has an attractive and user-friendly interface. This system combines an easy-to-use mobile app with a central dashboard.

The company’s purpose is to support medical centers in accreditation and progress in improvements. For this reason, it developed a solution that is a digital transformation of improvement methodology. This methodology is intended for real-life performance measurement and clear feedback, in order to understand and improve the quality and safety of care. Because the implementation of quality and patient safety compliance programs can be quite complex, tedious, and time-consuming, the solution comes with functionalities that offer multiple benefits such as engaging and encouraging employees, managing multiple measurement frameworks, measuring and expressing scores, unlocking opportunities for improvement, monitoring progress, creating and sharing reports. Thanks to this solution, organizations can reduce administrative burdens by more than 50%. The software tool can be implemented in a short time period and is available both on the cloud and on-premise.

Activities and services of the hospital software app company in Europe for sale

The company for sale offers a software app that helps hospitals with the following:

  • Performance progress monitoring
  • Clear feedback
  • Accreditation and safety improvement
  • Quality implementation and compliance
  • Employee engagement
  • Measuring and scoring
  • Reporting  and standardization

Highlights of the hospital software app company in Europe for sale

  • The company developed a software solution for the healthcare sector
  • The solution is a web-based app that helps hospitals to streamline processes and optimize costs
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested in growing  the business in Europe

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