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Fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale

Company for sale

  • Industry: food
  • Revenue:  <5 million EUR
  • Location: Turkey
  • #CFIE FOS032

Overview of this fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale

The company is selling fresh products in Turkey and also exporting to various countries in the European Union. The company is established >5 years ago. The 5000 acres land is contracted from the government for 25 years and the company has the right to extend the rental contract. This is one of the biggest fruit orchards in Turkey with more than 300 000 trees including nectarine, peach, cherry, quince and apple. All the fruit products meet the requirements of exporting to European countries.

Profile (strategy) of this fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale

This fruit orchard company is well-known in Turkey. This producer focuses on selling and distributing of fruit products in large quantities maintaining the high-quality standards. The company has different systems and certifications the ensure the top quality:

  • hail protection system;
  • automated irrigation system;
  • meteorology station;
  • parcel based cost accounting system;
  • personnel record with face recognition;
  • soil analysis sensors.

The distribution works very well with large quantities of the products. The revenue is <5 million EUR with an opportunity for further growth. 

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Activities and products of this fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale

This fruit orchard company has a great history in Eurasia thanks to its well-known products. There is an opportunity to strengthen its production and increase sales. At the moment this fruit orchard company sells the products to retail chains and exports fresh products to European countries, China and Japan. 

There is a significant potential for growth in dried fruit production, plus in the orchard, there is a possibility to breed further animals: duck, turkey, chicken, sheep and goose. Furthermore, 8 acres of cannabis’ cultivation is ready. The land is also convenient for a greenhouse thanks to its natural underground hot water supplies.

Highlights of this fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale

  • This fruit orchard company is well-known in Turkey thanks to its high-quality fruit products.
  • The revenue is <5 million EUR and the company has a land of 5000 acres.
  • The company has pilot productions in dried apple and cherry, organic apple vinegar, cherry molasses and varios jams. Especially dried fruit production is the considerable area for rapid growth potential.
  • This fruit orchard company is a great opportunity for a larger company expanding in Eurasia.

Information about this fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this fruit orchard company in Turkey for sale, the owner is open for discussions about the sale of his shares. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company. For more companies for sale, visit the section companies for sale. If you want to review buyers of companies, visit the section companies wanted.

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