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Flexible packaging manufacturer in Portugal for sale

Company for sale

  • Location: Portugal
  • Revenue: 6-8 million EUR
  • EBITDA: positive with a good margin 
  • Employees: 70-100
  • Reason for sale: The owners are ready to pass their business to a strategic or financial investor who is able to help with the company’s rapid growth
  • #CFIE PLS145

Overview of this flexible packaging manufacturer in Europe for sale

The owners of this packaging manufacturer, based in Portugal, are (with the help of local advisors) opened the process to find investors, who are willing to take over the company and make use of synergies with the target. The owners are ready to talk with any buyer, but there should be a reasonable valuation offered with respect to the company’s EBITDA levels and growth potential.

Profile (strategy) of this flexible packaging manufacturer in Portugal

The company has a history of 20+ years and grown gradually over the years. Since the current management began approximately 15 years ago, the company has been growing for investing in technology and innovation resulting in efficient work that meets the solutions and alternatives that customers seek. The company now operates in several sectors and is very strong mainly in the paper sector.

The company is mostly focused on the domestic market (less than 20% of its production is headed to foreign markets), however, its long-term plans count with expansion abroad. For this, investments would have to be made.

The company is proud of its high technology equipment; among others, the company owns a 10-colour flexographic printing with unique features, which is very rare in the industry.

The new owner has multiple opportunities of growing the company further, as he can start an entry into new markets and sectors and grow in the international market, increase product variety or increase investment in &D and qualification of human resources. The new owner can also start with remodelling and expansion of facilities through the acquisition of a new building, which would highly increase the production capacity of the company.

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Activities and products of this flexible packaging manufacturer for sale

This company for sale specializes mainly in the production of packaging solutions made of flexible plastic materials. The company supplies to various industries and is well diversified in its client portfolio.

So far, the company focused on the Portuguese market. Despite that, the company intends to increase the relative weight of sales to the foreign market, for which reason it has been implementing commercial practices that aim to achieve this objective in the short term.

The achievement of this objective will essentially be based on the creation of a commercial team 100% dedicated to the foreign market

The company is certified by all necessary ISO certificates and its focus innovation-oriented. The company owners are willing to start the acquisition process right after suitable buyer occurs.

Highlights of the plastic flexible packaging manufacturer for sale

  • The company for sale is a well-established business with a good customer portfolio
  • The company is based in Portugal and has most of the revenues generated by Portuguese clients
  • The firm has all the necessary quality certificates necessary for the production of environmentally friendly plastic packaging solutions

Information about this flexible packaging manufacturer for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this flexible packaging company for sale in Europe. If this plastics company for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other plastics companies for sale. We know the plastic companies’ M&A market, feel free to reach out to us if you have specific preferences of a company to buy. If you are interested in buyers of plastics companies please visit the section plastic companies wanted

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