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Electronic bus manufacturer in Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: small sized
  • Revenue: <30 million EUR
  • Employees: Approx. 40
  • Location: Europe
  • #CFIE AUS068

Overview of this Electronic bus manufacturer in Europe for sale

The subject of sale is a company which is engaged in the production of electric urban bus with a sustainable technology. The group has been operating for more than 20 years in the minibuses market and during this time it has secured an important position on the market and now are looking for investor to this new electric bus business.

Profile (strategy) of this Motorcycle distributor in Portugal for sale

The group has more than 20 years of history and is open to various forms of partnerships. The seller offers opportunities for private equity parties with buy & build strategy in sustainable sectors.

The company is specialized in production of a 100% electric bus for the midi segment. The group is focused on sustainable technology and all buses are:

  • 100% electric (zero-emission: ZE);
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Modular construction;
  • Accessible and comfortable;
  • Small ecological footprint;
  • Large carrying capacity up to 82 passengers.

The group believes in the potential of this new business with a forecasted sales of 700 buses/year in 2027 generating more than EUR200 million turnover. The group currently employs approximately 50 employees.

To enable the serial production of this 100% electric bus the company is now looking for an initial capital increase provided by a strategic or financial co-investor. The current shareholder is open to any form of structuring with a new investor. Starting point, however, is that the current shareholder remains a shareholder and is actively involved, both in control and in returns.

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Activities and products of this electronic bus manufacturer in Europe for sale

The group has presence in 20 countries over Europe with a great market-share and with this new electric bus business the company aims to be a leader in the sector due the market knowledge and the extremely attractive sales perspective for the European public transport market as a result of the obligations arising from the climate agreements.

The company produces 100% electric buses and is easily possible to scale up from unit production to modular series production as soon as the market demand increases. The buses were thought to be completely sustainable and are developed with the latest and most sustainable technology, uses modular battery packs and the design was made to have the maximum efficiency and save energy creating a low energy consumption bus. 

Highlights for this electronic bus manufacturer in Europe for sale

  • The company has more than 20 years of history
  • Presence across Europe
  • Market leader
  • Sustainable and innovative product
  • Great forecast

Information about this electronic bus manufacturer in Europe for sale

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