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Domain name provider for sale

  • Revenue: < 2M EUR
  • Employees: > 17
  • Valuation expectation: > 4M EUR
  • Location of the Domain name provider: Norway
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Norway, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS304

Overview of the Domain name provider in Norway for sale

The company for sale is doing very well and the revenue is increasing firmly while its competitors are struggling to gain market share. The enterprise is relying on the next generation improvement it made on its new platform that has very powerful features. The management team has invested considerable resources into the new system as well as into migration tools in order to consolidate diverse services that are offered by the hosting platform. These tools are used when the company wants to move partners of legacy systems and to integrate their existing services into the platform. Because traditionally the integration of other systems and services is done manually, it increases the risk of errors and takes a considerable amount of time the migration tools developed by the company improves the migration process. For a larger buyer, this could be very beneficial and could be used on a larger scale. The company has great plans for the future, is doing very well and expects a buyer to have a clear vision in which the company’s technology plays a central role. The owner is open to speak to buyers about a sale, but this is only for interested parties that are willing to pay a very high revenue multiple.


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Profile (strategy) of the Domain name provider in Norway for sale

The owners of this Domain name provider believe that the company is in a good momentum and has the right resources/platform-system to bring the business further. They think this is also the reason why a buyer should be interested. The business is stable, safe, growing and it makes a significant amount of money for the share-holders. The owners can agree with a potential buyer on the direction of the company and how the enterprise resources will be put to use.  The company is a registrar and hosting provider, it has more than 10 years of presence on the market and is experienced in providing domain names, web hosting and server hosting. It is recognized for the high quality services it delivers in registering domain names and shared and dedicated hosting. These services are dedicated to both end customers and resellers, to various hosting providers and business collaborators that find the resale solution very handy.
The company offers domain name registration alternatives on multiple generic domains such as .com / .net / .org / .no or on specific domains like .email. Customers can find all available domain names and the right domain names, they are able to obtain DNSSEC encryption for increased security, get a free SSL certificate for the home page, include an email for the respective domain and ask for a web hosting solution that can offer hosting to all kinds of web pages, WordPress blogs or online stores.
The webhosting solution allows to connect the website to as many domain names the owner wants and it also includes free SSL and own email. The customer has full control over all of his domain names, is able to use the feature-rich control panel and is offered a free Dynamic DNS for his IP address. Other solutions provided by the company are web server (for apps, online stores and high-traffic websites), virtual & dedicated server for complete control of operating environment and security.

Activities and services of the Domain name provider in Norway for sale

The company for sale provides the following solutions:
  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting & Email
  • Site Builder
  • WordPress
  • Web Server & Virtual Server & Dedicated Server
  • Managed Hosting
  • Back-Up

Highlights of the Domain name provider in Norway for sale

  • The company is active in domain name registration, web and server hosting
  • The company has invested considerable resources in the hosting platform
  • The owners are open to talk with potential buyers that have a clear vision on how to grow the business

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