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Cosmetics laboratory Spain for sale

Company for sale

  • Revenue: >3M Euros
  • EBITDA: approximately 13%
  • Employees: >20
  • Location of the cosmetics laboratory: Spain
  • Reason for sale: The group is looking for a buyer. The shareholders are open to receive proposals as follow:
Direct purchase of 50% of shares (minority stake options and progressive purchases up to 50%) 
Majority purchase > 50% subject to permanency covenants, no competition, guarantees, etc. 
Mix share purchase and capital increase reaching majority stake (> 51%).
In case you are an interested investor, please describe clearly your plans and ideas when you contact us.
  • #CFIE SPS037

Overview of the cosmetics laboratory in Spain for sale

The cosmetic laboratory is a 3 companies group in the aesthetics sec¬tor, between cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of their own brand or third-party brands. These are leading companies in the mesotherapy sector.

The three companies that make up the cosmetics laboratory group benefit from the same team of more than 20 members of staff (including management), all of whom are well qualified and trained.

The cosmetic laboratory started its activity more than 10 years ago, established in a very well located industrial area, whose facilities are spread across around 1000 m2, and close to the main infrastructures in the northeast of Spain. It has modern and well equipped facilities that include office area, more clean rooms, warehouse fully equipped with shipping and logistics area, etc.

The cosmetic laboratory develops, manufactures, and sells cosmetic products at an international level. Over the years, it has been consolidated to the point where it now has its own brand, which is a most valuable brand in the sector worldwide. It has several registered trademarks in Eu¬rope and China.

Licences and Quality Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 22716 for the manufacture of cosmetic products. Manufacturing licence by AGEMED (Spanish Drug Agency) for cosmetic products and medical devices (TCA peelings and acne peelings and Hyaluronic Acid injectable products). Currently, ISO 13485 ongoing process for the manufacture of medical devices and CE marking for Hyaluronic Acid injectable products.

In 2020 the share Capital of the cosmetic laboratory is represented by two shareholders (50%); the shares are fully subscribed by the shareholders and fully paid up.

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Profile (strategy) of the cosmetics laboratory in Spain for sale

The cosmetic laboratory group consist of 3 companies: 

Company A: Since more than 10 years, Company A has been developing, manufacturing and sell¬ing sterile cosmetic products for mesotherapy and microneedling under its own brand, which is very well positioned in the sector worldwide. 

The brand is sold in about 60 countries (5 continents) through interna¬tional dealers or also to professional customers (direct online sales) in those countries where there are no exclusivity deals. Its customer port¬folio is greater than 2500.

The products are for professional use in clinics, beauty centres, dermatologists. The cosmetic range can also be for home use.

The company already has several projects underway for the future: 
  • Registrations in China and other countries. Ongoing. Specialist re¬cruitment June 2020.
  • Issuance of CE marking, injectable Hyaluronic acid. Ongoing.
  • R&D: Development of new formulas
  • Issuance of CE marking for TCA. (2021)
  • Launch of the pre-filled syringe range (2022-2023)
  • Manufacturing environment expansion
  • Maintaining and expanding current markets and finding dealers in countries where the products are not yet sold.

Company B: Established 3 years after company A. It is dedicated to R&D and third-party manufacturing. It does not have its own brand or stock. It works on demand. 

In the case of private labels, we work with several international custo¬mers that come through Company A. In 2021, the plan is to increase the number of customers by starting its promotion through a website, networks, B2B Markets, etc.

Company C: Company that owns the factory complex. 

The three companies share the same facilities in order to make use of economies of scale.

Products of the of the cosmetics laboratory in Spain for sale

Company A has one of the widest ranges in the sector, more than 40 products, and a reputable name in the inter¬national market. Spain is one of the countries with more recognized companies in this sector. Depending on their application, the pro¬ducts can be used by both beauty centres and the medical sector:
  • Peeling Range
  • Injectable Products Range
  • Home Care Range
Company B:  Most of the products that Company B develops are the same as Company A or similar/equivalent, as customers come in through Brand A requesting the development and manufacture of their own brands.

Highlights of the of the cosmetics laboratory in Spain for sale

  • Prestige in the sector, consolidated brand. 
  • Internationalization 90% exports. 
  • 2 distribution channels (Dealers vs B2B). 
  • Self-financing (minimum debt). 
  • Optimal ABC customer (no dependencies). 
  • Large customer accounts. 
  • Trained and loyal team with expertise. 
  • Laboratory facilities. 
  • Third-party Manufacturing (contract manufacturing).
  • Opportunities to increase new products ranges, take advantage of an expanding sector / increasing exports, laboratory ready for production, higher commercial margins (industrial), strengthening of E-Marketing (Online channel), medical devices, integration of JV Asian groups.

Information about this cosmetics laboratory in Spain for sale

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