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Plastic surgery in Serbia for sale

Plastic surgery for sale

  • The sales of this cosmetic surgery are still small but can be extended
  • The company is located in Serbia (Belgrade)
  • The plastic surgery company employs around 10 people and has access to a larger network of highly skilled doctors
  • Reason for sale: The owner is a doctor himself, but is living abroad and is not actively involved in the practice anymore.
  • CFIE HCS030

Overview cosmetic surgery company

The company open for a sale possesses high quality material and skilled doctors. The company is active in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Get more information about this plastic surgery for sale now.

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Strategy cosmetics surgery

The strategy of the cosmetics surgery is to focus on advanced high technology services in the area of plastic surgery. It can help foreign clients easily and focuses on new clients from across all of Europe.

Services of the business for sale

The company open for a sale is active in plastic surgery. The hospital was working during the Civil War and continued until 2008 when the hospital become the Special Hospital for plastic surgery and beauty salon. In 2010 the plastic surgery started to focus more on the medical part than on the beauty salon. Hence, the company started with polyclinic services in addition to the special hospital. Over time, most of the patients in addition to cosmetic surgery, had request for complete medical care which led to these services being provided. Now the hospital is designed to have six to ten beds, mainly for cosmetic surgery.

The hospital is located near the city center that is considered as one of the most prestigious areas of Belgrade, close to the complex of sports centers and diplomatic area, with the exclusive residential buildings in impressive environment. Hospital is located on the main road which leads to the city center and also in front of it, there is big free parking place close to the forest.

Highlights of the plastics surgery

  • The business is fully focused on providing high quality cosmetic surgery services
  • A global buyer with access to more clients can increase the size of the centre and optimize the free capacity. This will improve the profitability.
  • The company can also supply to visitors from abroad that come over for a few days
  • The business for sale has excellent high quality technological knowledge and doctors

Information about this plastic surgery in Serbia

Feel free to contact us for details about this business open for sale in Serbia. We know other available businesses for sale in Serbia as well or would be able to find them. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to know more about possible businesses for sale.