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Spanish construction company for sale

Company for sale 

  • Size: large
  • Revenue: € 12 M
  • EBIT: Positive
  • Price for 100 % of the shares: € 5.9 M 
  • Employees: >50 (two companies)
  • Established: more than 15 years ago
  • Location of the construction company: Spain
  • Companies: 1 (2BU) + 1 (1BU created in 2018) 
  • Reason for sale: Owners are looking for a strategic buyer to take over the business through the acquisition of shares.
  • #CFIE SPS006

Overview of the construction company for sale in Spain

The company is a construction sector group founded more than 15 years ago. The group consists of two companies (the second created in 2018). 
Between both companies, they maintain three well-differentiated but complementary business units (BU): New Construction, Rehabilitation and Reforms, and Facilities
Company 1: New Construction and Rehabilitation
Company 2: Facilities

Profile (strategy) for the construction company for sale in Spain

The Spanish construction company is organized in 3 Business Units (BU1: New Construction, BU2: Rehabilitation and Reforms, and BU3: Facilities)
These three well-differentiated but complementary business units (BU) make the company have diversified risk, which it has led him not only to overcome the 2008-2015 crisis but also to grow exponentially.
The turnover is about € 12 million, the EBIT is positive. Offered are 51 - 100 % of the share capital, 100 % for € 5.9 million. 
The majority shareholder has embarked on a new project, starting the activity in a newly created Promoter. For that reason, it would not be completely absent from the sector.
The newly created company (BU3 Facilities) can disengage from the operation.
The majority shareholder would have no problem in keeping a 5- 10% of the shares, sign a pact of reasonable permanence and assume coordination with its promoter in future works carried out jointly with the group.

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Activities of the construction company for sale in Spain 

Description of the Business (lines):

  • BU 1 - NEW BUILDING: focus on different building areas, from first residences and buildings, to industrial, commercial, either for individuals, institutions (religious, public, foundations, etc.) and private companies.
  • BU2 – REHABILITATION AND REFORMS: carries out rehabilitation works or integral reforms of all types of buildings and real estate from commercial premises, HORECA industry, hotels, housing of private entities and individuals, with intervention in rehabilitation of structure, facades, pavements, dividing walls, soundproofing, enclosures, roofs, waterproofing, and finishes. 
  • BU3 - FACILITIES: Responsible for installing, designing and legalizing all types of installation and facilities, giving an integral service. The owned technical office offers a full service form technical advice to execution of the work, and the correct completion of the necessary administrative procedures for its legalization.

Highlights of the construction company for sale in Spain 

  • Organized in 3 Business Units (BU1: New Construction, BU2: Rehabilitation and Reforms, and BU3: Facilities) that make the company have diversified risk
  • Professional team consolidated, faithful and committed, 
  • Recurring clients of high potential, 
  • Exponential growth of the business, 
  • Current projects guaranteed for two years, self-financing and trust of banks.

Information about the construction company for sale in Spain

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