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Chemical resins company for sale in Spain

Company for sale 

  • Sales: € 240,000
  • Location of the chemical resins company: Spain
  • Established: 20 years ago
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants to retire and the management is looking for a buyer to take over the company.
  • #CFIE SPS004

Overview of the chemical resins business for sale in Spain

The company based in Spain, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for use in: building, civil engineering, mining and many other fields of application. The Spanish chemical resins company is a pioneer in the manufacture of injection resins in Spain.
It is provided with a warehouse and main office located in Spain.
The founder of the privately owned company is looking to sell it and retire, so that management is looking for a new business owner, through the sale of 100% of the shares.

Profile (strategy) of the chemical resins business for sale in Spain

The chemical resins company for sale in Spain has more than two decades providing services, especially in the injection resins field also providing the necessary equipment, manufactured by the same company, for all product applications. This Spanish resin company offers solutions for repairs, sealing, waterproofing, fillers and consolidation. Therefore, its main customers are within the sectors of construction, rehabilitation of buildings, mining and resin applicator companies. They have even developed the ultra-fast application form of the product, counting on the injection equipment for this improved process.
The chemical resins Company has a strong and experienced technical team that works on the innovation and continuous improvement, developing new products and applications. This team is qualified to advice on the suitable products for each case and the application technique that is the best fit in each particular project.
The owners are looking for buyers of 100% of the shares. The large experience in the sector it is an added value for the buyer. The company offers quality and safety in its range of products and equipment, as well as personalized attention to its client portfolio, which would greatly improve the business of potential buyers, by offering information and experience in the Spanish market.

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Products of the chemical resins business for sale in Spain 

This precursor company in the manufacture of injection resins in Spain produces acuarreactive resins, expansive and non-expansive resins, monocomponent and bicomponent resins, which provide solutions in the following areas:
  • Waterproofing of garages, elevators, basements, tanks, dams, etc.
  • Elimination of leaks.
  • Land consolidation.
  • Sealing of joints and fissures.
  • Gap filling
  • Concrete repair.
The company also offers the following equipment:
  • Injection pumps
  • Shutters
  • Accessories for injection
  • Auxiliary products: static mixers, valves, pressure gauges, gaskets, etc.
  • Other cement injection equipment

Highlights of the chemical resins business for sale in Spain 

  • The company belongs to the chemical sector, a sector that has been growing in the Spanish economy.
  • The business of the chemical resin company has an impact on other sectors such as construction and mining, they are traditional sectors that have been engines of the economy of the regions and that interact with many other industries.
  • Has 20 years of experience in the injection resin business.
  • Manufactures the equipment used in the application of the product.
  • Has a trained and updated technical team to offer knowledge and experience within the sector.
  • Represents an expansion opportunity for larger businesses.

Information about the chemical resins business for sale in Spain 

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this chemical resins business for sale in Spain. If this profile is not suited for you, ask for our other Chemical Companies in Spain in the section chemical companies for sale. If you are interested in companies for sale in Spain, please visit the section companies for sale in Spain. We know the Spanish market. We know of additional businesses for sale in Spain.

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