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Chemical production factory in Croatia for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: <2 million EUR
  • Employees: <10
  • Location: Croatia
  • #CFIE CHS007
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to find a suitable buyer that will help the company continue its operations

Overview of this chemical production factory in Croatia for sale

The owner of this chemical manufacturer specialized in the production of water-based polymers is looking for buyers able to utilize its production capacity. The owners are willing to open doors to any interested party willing to run a chemical factory in Croatia.

Profile of this chemical factory in Croatia for sale

The company for sale is a well-established business, with a functioning chemical production factory with operating reactors initially designed for the production of water-based polymers. The water-based polymers produced by the company are used mainly for viscous coating for the paper, wood, textile and building industries.

The plant has been used for the production of oil field and oil refining chemicals which would include corrosion inhibitors, de-emulsifiers, flow improvers, and antifouling agents. 

Currently, the company has a large production overcapacity. This opportunity is therefore extremely interesting for a buyer that needs specific production capacity in any chemical-based activity. The buyer can make use of the modern factory equipment and experienced staff. 

The owners will start negotiations about the possible sale of the plant, and start of the sale process if an interested party and the owners agree on valuation terms.


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Activities and services of this chemical manufacturer in Croatia for sale 

The company has been established for more than 25 years. The two main directions of the company include:

  • Production and sale of chemicals for the petroleum industry
  • Manufacture and sale of polymer dispersions for the construction and textile industries

During its existence, the company has been focused on the production of:

  • Polymer dispersions 
  • Styrene-butadiene latex
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • De-emulsifiers
  • Oil additives, etc.

The company exports most of its production to the European Union countries as well as neighboring countries.

The company is located in an industrial zone very close to an important Croatian motorway and the airport, thus, transportation is good. The company's strategy is to be a modern, dynamic and responsive partner for its customers, suppliers, and employees and remain flexible enough for all new challenges presented.

Highlights of this chemical manufacturer in Croatia for sale

  • The company for sale has valuable clients in the oil industry
  • This company represents a great opportunity to acquire a plant with good references and potential capacity for more production and sales
  • The company is good for buyers able to bring more contracts and production programs into the company

Information about this chemical factory in Croatia for sale

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