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Company for sale (car dealer software company)

  • Size: Revenue: >3.5M EUR
  • Location of the Car dealer software company: Northern Europe
  • Reason for sale: The company needs a strong partnership in order to expand its presence from northern Europe to the other parts of Europe.
  • #CFIE ITS078

Overview for the car dealer software company Northern Europe for sale

The owners of this car dealer software company have decided to look for investors that are interested to invest in this company in order to strengthen its position on the market. The company has the largest activity in Northern Europe, but plans to expand. The main reason for the sale is to find a strong partnership to get the company to a larger market across Europe. The car dealer software company focuses on ERP IT solutions for small and large businesses in automotive industry and its own methodology provides timely, flexible and effective implementation. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the business and has a very good potential to grow.

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Profile (strategy) for the car dealer software company Northern Europe for sale

For the automotive industry at the Nordic level, the systems company provides are total optimized and customized to meet the requiring of this industry and so are ones of the most used IT systems due to its reliability and utility. These systems are ERP concepts and they are special designed for the client’s specific situation and so they meet all the variety of the needs and practices occurring in the automotive businesses. Some categories of clients are car dealers, garages, undercarriage dealers, paint-shops, tire centers, motorcycle dealers, bicycle shops, wholesalers or workshops.
There are 2 versions for the program, one for bigger firms and one for small ones which just have started the activity. For the latest, as their operations increase they have the possibility to upgrade to the more complex one. Both programs can be operated in different languages of Northern Europe and English.
Programs can be on the computer or in the cloud. The whole activity of car companies can be put in the system with all the specific operations and workflows from acquisitions and sales to financial registrations.  And so the business can be controlled easier by the managers.
Server hosting: if the purchaser wants to choose to have the programs as a SaaS solution he can have it in the cloud and can be accessed from all over the world as long as he has connection to internet. The program permits the platform to be accessed by other third relevant parties for which the customer has agreed with.
The company takes the engagement to update and to repair the programs if necessary, things like viruses or malwares are covered up by company’s services. However, some large companies decided to host themselves the programs. Every client has his special needs and the company helps them in finding the right solution.
Data from System can be exported to excel for a better manipulation of data. Programs are easy to use.

Activities and products for the car dealer software company Northern Europe for sale

The services of this company are used by a large proportion of car companies in Northern Europe, providing full support for keeping the programs up-dated and clean.
The company has experience with various solutions, such as:
  • ERP
  • Hosting
  • CRM
  • Finance recordings
  • System and user administration
The benefits for using these solutions are:
  • A wide view of the operations
  • Profitable results
  • Saving time for actions performed
  • A more simplified operation
  • A particular and detailed recording regarding transactions and customer information

Highlights for the car dealer software company Northern Europe for sale

  • The company delivers high quality software systems
  • The company’s services are used by many companies in Northern Europe
  • The company is looking for a strategic investor in order to expand its activity in Europe

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