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Car dealer app for sale

  • Revenue: < 1M EUR
  • Employees: < 10
  • Location of the Car dealer app: Germany
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Germany, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS432

Overview of the Car dealer app in Germany for sale

This app for car dealers is owned by a company that develops app products, websites, technical gadgets and digital solutions. The team is formed of enthusiastic specialists that are committed to create high quality and innovative products. The owners want to grow this app and are looking for a strategic buyer that can invest in sales and marketing to grow the numbers of users of the app. The design team is planning to develop further features and tool to the app and it needs more resources. The objective is to help the app to grow in Germany. The app produces revenues of less than 1M Euro and it has the potential to increase the operation with the support of a larger company. The potential buyer profile could be a larger company with synergy in the sector, a software company that is active in creating software solutions for automotive industry and that could diversify its products with this app for car dealers.


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Profile (strategy) of the Car dealer app in Germany for sale

The app for sale is addressing the needs and operational objectives of car dealer companies. The app system is used by many dealerships due to its scalable features, unlimited functionality, security and the possibility it offers to have direct contact with the customer. Depending the needs of the dealership, the system is very flexible and customizable, it can be extended with many modules and services or it can be tiny with basic functionalities. It informs the user on the latest vehicle offers, sends reminders, it allows an entire fleet to be browsed, it offers newsrooms, chats, online scheduling and other technical features and communicative customer service that can turn a user into a customer. The chat room tool is designed to increase the level of communication and to offer the best possible user experience. Through the chat screen the potential customer can require more information, ask for a test drive, service appointment and other specific vehicle requests. Using the app it gets much easier for a car dealer to provide continuous accessibility, quick reactions and top service to the clients.
The app is very advantageous for customers and dealers too. It helps dealers in their activity and takes a lot of load work from their shoulders. The system can be run on all types of smartphones and the company takes care of the hosting, updates, set-up, maintenance and other technical issues. The dealership clients receive invitations sent by the app and get encouraged to become users. This enables a higher market penetration. Customers that use the car dealer app are constantly informed and get automated reminder about all kind of important issues such as warranty extension, seasonal services or specific appointments. In case of a car accident, the user receives instructions what to do and is able to send all the data and pictures for the repair directly to the workshop. Customers are able to book appointments directly into their workshop system, the car dealer in this way optimizes its online appointments. The app represents a digital vehicle file and contains all the relevant information about vehicles stored by the dealer.

Activities and services of the Car dealer app in Germany for sale

The car dealer app is a solution that enables dealerships to manage their relation with the customers. It performs functions such as informing on the latest vehicle offers, sending reminders, fleet browsing, opening newsrooms and chatting, online scheduling, car accident reporting.

Highlights of the Car dealer app in Germany for sale

  • The app for sale helps car dealers to perform specific activities
  • The app is very flexible and can be tailored to the dealership’s needs
  • The owners are trying to attract a strategic buyer that can help to grow the app in Germany

More information on this car dealer app in Germany for sale

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