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Biotech and food safety company for sale

Food company for sale

Company for sale

  • Sales: 1m - 5m Euro
  • Location: Southern Europe
  • Employees: 20+
  • Reason for sale: Business owner is looking to retire
  • CFIE FOS082

Overview biotech company

South-European manufacturer of food safety testing kits is open to discuss a business sale. Get more information about this South-European manufacturer of food safety testing kits open to discuss a sale.


In 2016 this Italian company became part of a global provider of diagnostic technologies in the field of food, feed and environment safety testing. If you are interested in similar companies please provide us your details and buy side requirements, we will let you know if a similar opportunity occurs.

Profile business for sale

The company exists for more than 15 years and is active in the food safety testing. Its testing kits are world class and are active in the food diagnostic field. The company has developed a worldwide distribution network for its products. The business for sale offers high quality screening tools for various residues, hormones and allergens in food and feedstuff.

Food safety products

The company produces food testing kits for a large number of products like dairy, cereals, meat, fish, water, spices and fruit.


The company has a high quality staff that is well educated and possess a large amount of knowledge in the area of food testing. The company could increase its sales significantly if the testing kits would be sold in the global market by a larger acquirer.

Information about the biotech business

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about similar manufacturers of food safety testing kits looking for a business sale. Fill out contact form (get in touch).