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Big Data company for sale

  • Revenue: > 1M EUR
  • Location of the Big Data company: Europe
  • Employees:  30
  • Reason for sale: The owners are open for investors that can help to grow the company. The company is profitable but needs further cash for additional sales
  • #CFIE ITS139

Overview of the Big Data company in Europe for sale

The owner of a Big Data company in Europe is open to speaking with interested investors that want to invest in a company with innovative software products in the field of Big Data. The company has much potential to grow, but it needs a partner that can provide a wide operational network and strong financial supports.  An investor who has clear synergy with the industry can help the company to reach the proper clientele in order to achieve a higher level of growth. The company has already established a promising growing trend and wants to expand the business on new markets.


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Profile (strategy) of the Big Data company in Europe for sale

The company is using Big Data technologies to store and manage unlimited information in order to make it useful for its clients’ purposes. Data can come from various sources such as office documents, databases, text files, XML files, HTML files, images, audio files, video files or different streams, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and web sites. Clients keep the information stored and the company helps them to automatically extract the content that is relevant and will disclose objects, relations and attributes. The company guides its clients to understand their data and interpret its hidden connections taking into consideration that data has correlations very close to human thinking and has unique form of visualization. The company’s platform uses the latest Big Data technology innovations such as cutting edge document, text, audio and video processing algorithms that allow to analyse the information and to see behind data the real meanings of certain facts. The platform understands, makes classifications and links all kind of data in real time and enables the client to see the connections by displaying graphic representations in a way that client himself understands the meaning and how to apply it to his own needs.
The whole process of gathering and applying data is composed of 4 phases. The first phase is represented by collecting the data and incorporated it into a system. The information is extracted through special tools and using an intuitive mapping editor is loaded in particular graphs. Either files have a structured or unstructured content there are used various types of procedures such as OCR engine, Automatic Speech Recognition engine and other content extraction engines. The second phase is represented by using various other tools such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in order to bring data to life. The next phase is the discovering phase, when search interface, advanced graph queries and graph visualization techniques come in place to obtain valuable insights from data correlation. It’s the phase of discovering relations between entities. The last phase is analysing the data in which information is assessed to define behaviours, angles, patterns, to conceptualize data in order to make it applicable for other contexts and needs. Most of the clients come from public safety, telecom, banking, regulatory entities and retail.

Activities and services of the Big Data company in Europe for sale

The company provides the following services:
  • Data Collection & Recognition
  • Search Interface
  • Data Visualization
  • Information Assessment
  • Data Aggregation
  • Data Conceptualization
  • Defining Data Behaviour

Highlights of the Big Data company in Europe for sale

  • The company activates in providing Big Data services to clients from Europe
  • The company wants to expand its operations in Europe
  • The owners are looking for interested investors that can help to grow the company

More information on this big Data company in Europe for sale

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