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Company for sale

  • Revenue: More than 3 million EUR
  • EBITDA: more than 1 million EUR
  • Location of the company for sale: Hungary
  • Reason for sale: The company owners are not selling their company actively, but are willing to talk about a full or partial exit with strategic buyers
  • #CFIE AUS019

Overview of this automotive supplier in Hungary for sale

The company owners are considering performing an exit from their company if a suited sale occurs. It would be preferred if the buyer came from the automotive sector, or is involved in the automotive industry in another way (e.g. investment company with other automotive subsidiaries). The ideal buyer is a larger CNC and press company operating in the same sector willing to operate in Hungary and make use of the company’s relationships with customers.

Profile (strategy) of this automotive supplier in Hungary

The company for sale is made up of practically two companies/divisions merged together. One of the divisions is focused on tool design and manufacturing, the other division specializes in pressing and assembled parts production. Each of the divisions has its own production plant of approximately 2 thousand square meters.

The company plants include various machinery, most of them very modern and precise. The machinery portfolio includes for example:

  • 10+ CNC milling machines
  • 10+ Excenter and hydraulic presses
  • Grinding machines
  • Wire EDM machines
  • Lathe
  • Measuring machine
  • Tool manipulator
  • Hydraulic press
  • 10-ton crane

The staff consists of highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the repair and production of sheet metal and plastic processing tools. The company has a large number of automobile industry references from top automotive brands.

The company is well-managed and would like to maintain its increasing positive growth trend after the acquisition. The growth of the company is currently driven by the automobile industry and the oil and gas industry. The company is ready to face new challenges in the future, such as automatization, and industry 4.0 technologies.

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Activities and products of this Hungarian automotive company for sale

The company has a decade background in tool manufacturing and metal molding and performs activities and services like:

  • Manageability examination
  • Simulation
  • Creation or repair of parts and complete tools from design
  • 2D-3D CAD-CAM management
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Manufacturing of prototypes

The company is able to produce simple parts, but also complex production parts, such as inlaid screws,  glued, riveted, painted, and multi-layered sandwich structured materials.

Detailed financials of the company can be delivered upon request to the potential buyer or advisor of the buyer. Before further discussions, we would need to understand your rationale to acquire such a company.

Highlights of this automotive supplier for sale

  • This company for sale is an automotive manufacturer in the region with growing automotive specialization
  • The owners are not looking for a buyer actively, but they are open to receiving serious offers
  • The company owns 10+ CNC machines and 10+ hydraulic and Excenter presses

More information on this automotive supplier in hungary for sale

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