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Automotive engineering company in Poland for sale

Automotive engineering company in Poland

  • Size: small companies
  • Revenue:  >2 million EUR
  • Valuation: 2-3 million EUR
  • Employees: >50
  • Location of the company: Poland
  • Reason for sale: The owners are in the business for more than 10 years and in the near future, they want to retire
  • #CFIE AUS024

Overview of this automotive engineering company for sale

The owners of an automotive engineering company based in Poland are open to discussions about selling a stake in their company. The company for sale is well-established and has extensive experience in the business. The company is suited for international industrial groups, or for individual companies willing to acquire a functional automotive oriented engineering firm with a skilled team of employees.Profile (strategy) of the automotive engineering company for sale

Profile of this automotive engineering company in Poland

This company for sale is an innovative family company, founded approximately 10 years ago in Poland. The company deals in designing and making custom industrial machinery and equipment. Currently, the company is employing approximately 50 employees and is focused at the automotive industry. The company is well known in the region for its high-quality design and engineering skills.

The company owns an office building and a production hall, with a total area of more than 2 thousand square meters. The machinery includes modern CNC machines and all the necessary equipment for high precision parts manufacturing.

The company does not have a problem with the lack of orders and contracts, the capacity of the company is being utilized almost fully. The annual turnover of the company exceeds 2.5 million EUR, with the potential of growing further. The financial situation is stable and the company generates positive cash flow.

The company involves a large team of experienced engineers with longtime experience in the field. The clients of the company include most of the main European car manufacturing factories. The owners decided to go for a sale of 100% share, as they plan to retire in the near future.

Activities and products of this automotive engineering company in Poland

The company’s activities are focused on the engineering and development of tailor-made solutions for automotive industry clients. The company is oriented at for example
  • Assembly systems development
  • Processes automation
  • Assembly tooling
  • Welding tooling
  • Workstations design
  • Handling devices design and manufacture
The company completes approximately 100 projects annually, both in Poland and abroad. In the near past, the company has established a new research center for new technologies for industry, which is oriented at the development of new products that could be added to its portfolio.
The portfolio of services, that are provided by the company, includes:
  • Machining and milling
  • Turning and precision grinding
  • Cutting on wire cutting machines
  • Aluminum and steel welding
  • Assembly of pneumatic systems
  • Assembly of electrical circuits
  • Automatics and programming
The valuation reflects all of the company’s assets and profitability. The final valuation agreed with the final buyer will be largely related to the building, production hall, owned machines, know how, clients, ongoing projects etc. 
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Highlights of this automotive engineering company 

  • The company for sale is a highly innovative engineering solutions provider with over 10 years of history
  • The company for sale has implemented a management system meeting ISO 9001 requirements
  • The company has a huge range of machinery and a tool shop working in a 3-shift system

Highlights of this automotive engineering company 

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this automotive manufacturer for sale. If this company located in Poland does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other automotive companies for sale. We know the automotive business in Europe. For buyers of companies in the automotive industry please visit the section automotive companies wanted.

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