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Archive Software Company for sale

Archiving software company for sale

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: small-sized
  • Revenue: > EUR 1,5M
  • Employees: the company has 14 employees
  • Location of the Archive Software Company: Germany
  • Reason for sale: The owner is looking for a buyer or an investor with a large client base who can buy and use his high quality software product portfolio
  • #CFIE ITS004

Overview for the Archive Software Company for sale in Germany

The owner of a software company has developed a high quality software archiving product. The company develops software and provides IT services around this. The software company for sale is an innovative provider of IT solutions for business process optimization. It has been active for more than 20 years for customers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Software and Internet technology is at the heart of the products the company develops.
The archive software company has worked on numerous special requirements of medium-sized and large companies in various industries. All these projects have been successfully implemented and developed in accordance with the requirements. The current standard software packages have emerged over the years. In addition to modern software, the company for sale offers comprehensive consulting, marketing and integration services.
The software company for sale is pursuing a long-term growth strategy based on self-developed web software products. The focus is on a main software product that is a solution to archive documents. As an owner-managed company, it attaches great importance to good, trustworthy and personal business relationships. The company has a great software product to archive documents and has own clients. However, it is looking to partner with a larger partner that has a much larger sales force to sell its software products.

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Profile (strategy) for the Archive Software Company for sale in Germany

The company develops own software applications of which the archive solution is the most important one. The software company offers a completely web-based archive, where you can quickly find files and documents depending on the location, time and network.
The product's Digital Archive will show results and bring back your documents quickly. You can archive your documents in the cloud or on your own servers. The software solution possesses a complete package including OCR, backup system and software. The software solution is a powerful tool for managing your files, as well as providing more clever ways to manage your documents.
The archivation software product of the company is of high quality. Currently it mainly services the SME market in Germany. The strategy of the company open for a sale is to join forces with a larger firm that has good contacts with German SME's to increase the sales of the software products.

Activities and products of the archive software company for sale in Germany

The company provides a complete range of archive software solutions such as:

  • Archiving of standard file formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPG, office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and emails with attachments
  • Searching with history function and full-text search through OCR scan
  • Barcode detection and document display via thumbnails
  • Direct printing function, direct e-mail shipping
  • Extensive export functions and Simple import functions of scanned documents
  • Localizability for other languages
  • Updating and upgrading throughout the entire contract period
  • Integration in your system application (ERP, PPS etc.) using standard API
  • Operability via smartphones
As an appliance (hardware / software combination), the Digital Archive is immediately ready for use with minimal installation effort. The archive software product is a flexible computing solution. There is no high upfront investment. The client only pays a monthly, function-dependent fee for the document management with digital archive.

Highlights for the Archive Software Company for sale in Germany

  • The company for sale is a software development company with a great archive solution that is a standalone product
  • The company provides software applications for SME companies across Germany
  • The owners are looking for a buyer that can add value to the company by increasing the sales of the company

Information on this Software Archive Company for sale in Germany

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Archive software company for sale in Germany. If this Archive software company for sale in Germany does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other information technology companies for sale in our section ICT companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of information technology companies please visit the section information technology companies wanted.