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CAD software company in Europe for saler sale


  • Size: small
  • Revenue: > 1M EUR 
  • Location of the CAD software company: Europe
  • Employees: < 10
  • Valuation demands: > 3M EURO
  • Growth: >30% per year
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for strategic investors that are interested to invest in this company in order to grow the business in Europe 
  • #CFIE ITS108

Overview of the CAD software company in Europe for sale

The company is an independent software company for point cloud processing from laser scanning devices. The business is very profitable and is well financed. The management is interested in a strategic acquisition by a technology leader in the market to enlarge the company’s world-wide distribution network or to use the company’s IP in point cloud processing for future products. The software could be a good acquisition target for a company like that wants to move into the GIS market with a very precise location determination via points and high-resolution images.

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Profile (strategy) of the CAD software company in Europe for sale

The company is activating in computer-aided design software development, it produces high quality software that can be integrated in CAD software. The software can scan buildings and objects very efficiently via a laser scan technique. It is a young company that already has registered high rate of growing. It is specialized in laser scanning, CAD-Software development, Building Information Modelling (BIM), point cloud evaluation and processing. The company's software evaluates and assesses extensive point clouds to produce thorough 2D plans, 3D buildings or landscape types. This software model matches all current CAD systems, consequently is used in a large scale of industries and activities such as building industry, architecture, civil engineering, geodesy, monument protection and facility management.
In architecture, the point clouds of building structures are evaluated and transformed into serviceable plans or in 3D formats as part of Building Information Modelling solution. In factory planning, the 3D plans extracted from point clouds can be used in modifications of productions facilities. In surveying, the company’s solutions such as laser scanners, drones or mobile mapping systems are useful in measuring with high precision large areas. In underground engineering, the same technology is used for calculating masses that need to be moved or any deformations. In road construction, it is needed for sophisticated and strong software that can manage comprehensive data.

The solution has a simple user interface and can speed up the entire workflow, from laser scanning measurement, drone or mobile charting system, to the finished CAD model, being able to reduce costs and time for the project developed. All the products and modules can be purchased online. Before the software is acquired, the customer can test it on a free trial base so that he can decide whether is effective or not to buy it. The company works with primordial hardware and software manufacturers in the industry such as Google SketchUp, Autodesk, Agisoft, Faro, Riegl, Graphisoft Archicad, etc.

Activities and services of the CAD software company in Europe for sale

The company’s services and solutions bring competitive advantage for its clients and make the activity more efficient. The company’s solutions create workflows in which all point cloud data is recorded and plans and sections are produced automatically. These solutions are compatible with all CAD systems and they create very simple and fast BIM features. Such services and activities are as follows:
  • Laser Scanning
  • CAD-Software Development
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Point Cloud Evaluation & Processing

Highlights of the CAD software company in Europe for sale

  • The company activates in delivering CAD software solutions 
  • The company has laser scanning products and solutions that help clients simplify their 
  • The executives are looking to discussing with strategic investors that want to invest in this company in order to enlarge the company’s world-wide distribution network

Information about this CAD software company in Europe  

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