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3PL Logistics Company in Greece for Sale

Company in Greece for sale

  • Sales: <5M Euro
  • EBITDA: <0.5M Euro
  • Location: Greece
  • #CFIE TRS089

Overview of the logistics company in Greece for sale

The logistics company in Greece for sale is a small entity which was established more than 7 decades ago as a producer of popular Greek wine Retsina, in recent years it has changed its activities and operates as a liquor store in a branch holding at its central premises the responsibility of handling, in addition to its own goods, on behalf of third parties. It uses portable ordering for the immediate placement and dispatch of orders from its vendors moving to the area of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. High rates require a fast order system response as shipment must be completed no later than the next day, which is successfully supported by the Smart LOB Application. In addition, acting as a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) supplier maintaining the representation of a large water bottling company, it proceeded to install WMS, with multiple storage and shelf-place reporting, multiple units of measurement and packaging. The complex work required by the company can be fully supported by the Smart LOB Application, which supports portable ordering and handling as well as integrated warehouse organization with WMS that can be adapted to changing needs efficiently and easily.

Profile (strategy) of the logistics company in Greece for sale

The logistics company for sale possesses of storage facilities near the Thessaloniki airport. Company’s premises serve as temporary storage rooms for various goods so as a platform for fully integrated value added services and logistic solutions. In addition to pure warehousing company’s experienced personnel can provide transport and delivery of stored goods to desired locations in nearby cities of Greece, in point of arranging LTL and FTL shipments through contracted hauliers. The owner is open to discuss interesting merging or acquisition opportunity with the view to further development of the entity.

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Activities and services of the logistics company in Greece for sale

The company is actively involved in distribution of wines, alcohol, beers, water, energy drinks, distillates, soft drinks, juices, food, more than 500 domestic and imported products, being reliable supporter to supply chains of its customers and serving as secure stocker for most products. The company is actively performing consolidation, warehousing services and also assisting in distribution and delivery of goods to domestic markets in Greece.  The company’s flexible attitude towards business interests enables it to fit to most scrupulous customer demands and company culture in Greece, Europe and from around the world, therewith becoming dedicated partner in logistic solutions for many foreign businesses.

Highlights of the logistics company in Greece for sale

  • Own large warehousing premises near the Thessaloniki airport, 20 km from the Thessaloniki  Port
  • Strategic  location
  • More than a 7 decade of experience
  • Positive financial background
  • Potential to grow through strategic investment

More information on this logistics company in Greece for sale

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