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Sale of a pharmaceutical warehousing company

  • The company sold is a warehousing and logistics company for pharmaceutical and biotech located in Denmark
  • The seller has more than 4 mio € revenue and 24 employees in Denmark
  • The buyer is a company active in transport, logistics and warehousing for industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals and health care located in Belgium
  • The buyer has a turnover of 409 million euros and over 4000 employees
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE transportation M&A team member in Denmark, Finn Laursen, saw the synergies of both companies and brought them together. Both companies realized the combination would make them stronger.

Overview business sale in warehousing

Here you find a description of a business sale of a warehousing company in Denmark. The warehousing company focuses on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The CFIE M&A transportation team helped the seller in the business sale to a Belgium warehousing buyer. Find more details on the business sale of a warehousing company below.

Strategy Belgium pharmaceutical logistics company

The strategy of the Belgium logistics and warehousing company for the pharmaceutical industry is to grow across Europe. The buyer is a Belgian family company which was founded by Henri Essers in 1928, and is an European company active in transport and logistics for industries as chemicals, pharmaceuticals/health care and high value goods. In 2013 it reported a turnover of 409 million euros, and over 4000 employees working across 32 locations in 11 countries, including Denmark. With his activities in Copenhagen, the buyer has already built up some significant experience on the Danish market. H.Essers strongly believes in the added value of the service offering by Neff A/S, and is willing to further develop the complementary activities. This acquisition fits into the long term strategy of continued growth in logistics for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food industry.

Profile warehousing company Denmark

The seller is a logistics service provider offering mainly warehousing solutions in Denmark with a specialization in pharma, biotechnological and food industry. The headquarters, including 22.000 m² of warehouses, are located in Allerød, to the north of Copenhagen. I In total Neff owns about 32,000 m² warehouses. Along with the 12,500 m² of H.Essers in Copenhagen, the total warehouse capacity covers around 45,000 m² across 5 sites. Neff A/S was established in 1951 and initially focused on storage capacity for the fruit companies of the 13 shareholders. Since 1995, Neff transformed into a logistics company specialized in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food industry.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team

The CFIE transportation M&A team member in Denmark, Finn Laursen, is active in business sales. Finn Laursen mainly focuses on logistics, warehousing, transportation and forwarding companies in Denmark. Finn has large experience in warehousing and has a background in the transportation industry himself. Finn has the local market knowledge in Denmark and knows the warehousing and logistics market in Denmark very well.

Finn Laursen was aware of the strategy of Essers to continue the development of the Scandinavian markets with a focus on strategic market segments like warehousing for the pharmaceutical industry. Finn Laursen thought an acquisition of Neff by Essers can contribute to further growth for Essers in logistics for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food industry.

Finn Laursen knew that Neff is active in warehousing for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry and that they could have an interest in a business sale. The synergies enable an extension of the current market position for both companies. Further, they allow opportunities for further development of the Scandinavian region. Finn saw the synergies between both companies and brought them together. Both companies realized the combination would make them stronger. Finn helped the seller in negotiating a good agreement which ended in a M&A transaction between both companies.

Highlights of the warehousing business sale

  • Both companies have strong experience in warehousing and logistics for industries like biotech, pharmaceuticals and food.
  • The seller has a strong position in Denmark. Together with the warehousing activities of the buyer in Denmark the position of the companies in the country gets stronger.
  • The Belgium based buyer can invest further in the development of the warehousing services in Scandinavia
  • Together a strong proposition for the Scandinavian warehousing market can be offered

Information about business sales in warehousing across Europe

Feel free to contact us for further details about this business sale in Denmark. If you are looking for acquisitions or business sales of warehousing or logistics companies in other countries than Belgium or Denmark it is also good to contact us. We know other available logistics business for sale in Europe or would be able to find them

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