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Profile of software development company wanted


The company that our client is looking to buy must be a software development company with revenue between 10 and 50 million and good EBITDA figures. The location of the company that is for sale should preferably be in Western Europe (France, Netherlands, Germany or other). The client should have predominantly European customers with a preference for blue chip clients.

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The main services should be software development. However, if the company to buy does some application development and IT services this is fine. Our client is strong in decreasing delivery time of new software products. Our client can move forward quickly if the right target is found.

Objectives and synergies from IT company to buy

Our client aims to achieve the following synergies from the purchase:

  • New client base for its high quality global software development delivery platform.
  • Increase the profitability and productivity of the acquired company and cooperate in the management of the company.
  • Leverage its exposure to different currencies and economic circumstances.
  • The business wanted should be located in Western Europe (France, Germany, Benelux or other).

If your software development company fits the requirements for the business wanted you can contact us below to discuss a possible acquisition.

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