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Software development company to buy

  • The sales of the company to buy should be between 1m and 5m Euro
  • The location should be Spain.
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is expanding and boosting its business locally through a built up process and is seeking to acquire a company in Spain, dedicated to software development.
  • #CFIE ITB299

Software development buyer

The buyer is an IT and ICT communications group based in Spain and dedicated, among other activities, to software development and IT services. Founded a decade ago, the company has experienced a significant growth and remains focused on providing an outstanding service to its clients in the ICT  and software fields. For this reason, the group is now looking now to expand its business in Spain through and add on process, in order to benefit from synergies and to have a good and direct arrival at the market. Hence, for 2016, the buyer is looking to acquire one or two similar companies active in the software development sector and based in Spain.

Strategy Software development company wanted

The buyer is looking for a small sized software development. The Software development company should preferably have a long track record and in the target market, ideally with a stable sales history, at a local level.
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Products and processes buyer of the Software development company

The buyer is looking for a software development company with ideally any of the following specializations and activities:
  • Software development services
  • Customer services  specialised in the ICT-IT and software field
  • IT and software repair, maintenance and logistic services

Highlights of the software development company wanted

  • The company to buy should be active as a small size software development company in Spain.
  • The buyer is a company based in Spain and specialised in the IT and ICT industry and services.
  • The software development company should be based in Spain.
  • The sales of the target should be between 1 and 5 M euros and the number of employees of the target or potential targets should be 10 to 50.

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