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Security company

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Security company to buy

  • Sales of the security company wanted: > 2m Euro (up to 20m Euro)
  • Location security company wanted: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, France, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria
  • Employees of the security company wanted: >100
  • CFIE ITB286
  • Reason for acquisition: Entering the European market and find a new client base to which its security services are delivered

Overview security buyer

A Swedish security services company is interested in growing it’s security business further via acquisitions in Europe. It is looking for security companies that provide services solutions mainly in the physical security area. The interested security buyer is currently looking in general at expanding in the European market. The buyer would be looking at companies with a revenue of 2 to 20m Euro. Alarm monitoring centres and alarm installing companies are of interest as well for this buyer. The buyer is interested in companies all across Europe with a particular focus on Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, France, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Romania and Bulgaria. The buyer is a supplier of security, safety and property services with operations that are running for more than a decade. The subsidiaries of the companies have grown strongly in recent years.

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Profile (strategy) security buyer

The company offers high quality security services and is a leading supplier of security, safety, and real estate services. With a focus on service-intensive environments the buyer offers customized solutions for each customer. The goal of the security buyer is to work closely with its clients at every stage and together create a superior delivery and find a simpler and safer life for you. The security buyer also develops applications for the analysis of motion patterns, traffic, noise, and many other things will enable it’s customers to use surveillance to more than safety. The employees of the security buyer undergo security guard training and also do special police training.

Activities and services security buyer

The buyer is a service provider of security services and solves several security issues. The security buyer is active in the following activities:
  • Fixed stewards
  • Security guards on call-off
  • Alarm response services

Highlights security buyer

The security company is growing quickly and expanding it’s services. The buyer has a stable client base and has plans to grow its business in the security area.
Information regarding this security buyer
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