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Sea and Air Forwarder in Western Europe Wanted

Sea and air forwarder in Western Europe to buy

•    Size: large sized business
•    Revenue: EUR 20-200M
•    EBIDTA: 5-10%
•    Location of the company: UK, other Western European Countries
•    Reason for acquisition: increase capacity of sea and air shipments
•    #CFIE TRB060

Overview of the buyer of sea and air forwarder in Western Europe

The buyer, large international logistic service provider company is looking forward to gain a strong direct foothold in the EU market with significant international air and ocean volumes and expand its presence in Western Europe through acquiring large freight forwarding company in UK, but can be EU based too. The buyer is aiming to add volumes to its sea and air shipments based on acquired freight forwarders connections and traffic.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer of sea and air forwarder in Western Europe    

The buyer represents a global, integrated with all industries, financially strong, international transport and logistics group with branches and subsidiaries around the world. The first class innovative and flexible solutions company is world known as is operating for many decades and provides global supply chain logistic services to key players in different industries worldwide, in Western Europe as well, using the innovative configured IT solutions. By taking over freight forwarding company with focus on sea and air cargo company’s management counts to reinforce existing business and keep up further development with increased intensity.

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Activities and products of sea and air forwarder in Western Europe wanted      

The buyer considers acquiring large sized asset light, or free transportation, freight forwarding and logistics company with considerable scope on sea and air shipments in Central and Western Europe, with 3PL, retail, e-commerce as a secondary focus and Europe-wide footprint, with overseas offices preferred. Should have direct customer relationships and significant presence at large EU air hub (strongly prefer AMS), with ocean volumes concentrated at major ports, i.e., Rotterdam, Hamburg, etc. Freight forwarder wanted with experienced, trained and educated in sea and air freight personnel and with annual revenue summing up to 50-200m Euros, EBIDTA target 5-10%. Commercial stability of the company and establishment will be factors nominating the company to buy.  

Highlights of the buyer and sea and air forwarder in Western Europe wanted

•    The buyer is global international transport freight forwarding and logistics 
     company with notable history of worldwide activity in all major  industries
•    Freight forwarder wanted with scope on sea and air shipments in UK, other Western
     European Countries
•    Lucrative locations near major Western European harbors and airports will be
     considered as advantage of freight forwarder to buy
•    Interest in owners/senior leaders to move into roles with the buyer company, some
     contingent consideration is mandatory with business retention targets; the
     leadership of wanted company  must have significant experience in the industry.

More information about the buyer and sea and air forwarder in Western Europe wanted

Contact us for more information about this sea and air forwarder in Western Europe wanted. For more buyers of forwarding companies please visit the section forwarding companies wanted. For companies for sale visit the section forwarding companies for sale.

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