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Processing information software company wanted

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Processing information software company to buy wanted

  • The sales of this processing information software business wanted should be between 1 and 7m Euro
  • The location is Europe (preferred countries Spain, France, Germany, UK or Austria)
  • Reason wanted: The buyer is looking to create a stronger company in information processing software
  • The buying price can range between 1 to 10M Euro
  • #CFIE T259

Overview processing information software company wanted

The buyer has good experience in the area of software. It’s software combines the power of language and technology to transform unstructured content. The provider of semantic technology and linguistic software is looking to acquire an European distributor specialized in software for processing information. Put differently, the software company is looking to acquire distributors of specialized software for the processing of information (i.e. big data management software or knowledge management). The following EU countries are of high interest: Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland , UK and Austria. However, the buyer is open for other countries as well.

Strategy European processing information software company

The software company is a leader to ensure that information is accessible and available. It helps companies to enable them that all their systems can take advantage of unstructured content. The software is based upon a patented technology that employs millions of definitions, concepts and relationships. This helps the company to read and understand multiple languages the way people do. The companies vision is to develop software that can understand the meaning and context of language. This has resulted in a leading semantic analysis platform with patented technology.
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Services processing information software company wanted

The buyer’s software can read and process unstructured content at the speed of contemporary technology. The software contains millions of word definitions , related concepts and many more relationships. This combined capability provides powerful automated classification and metadata, enriching content making it useful and accessible. Hence, the software can also be used very well in the area of ‘big data’. Because the company can understand the meaning in context within unstructured text, existing systems and analytics can be empowered to deliver a complete picture. The software has been applied to the needs of government and business in areas as diverse as security and intelligence, automated self-service, social media, knowledge management, taxonomy management, linked content, compliance, and many more. The software combines the power of language and technology to address large volumes of content. The software tagged a billion documents for one government agency and dramatically improved the performance of their existing search technology.

Highlights of processing information software company wanted

  • Processing information software company wanted that can join a larger player
  • The processing information software company should have strong management that is interested in growing the company further
  • Preferably active in semantic analysis, processing information or ‘big data’ software
  • Support of a strong financial investor that can create joint synergies

Information about this European processing information software business wanted

Feel free to contact us for details about this processing information software company wanted in Europe. If you know suited processing information software (e.g ‘big data’) companies for sale please get in touch. If you are looking for a company in the processing information software industry, it is wise to contact us for other available software businesses wanted.