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Online advertising company wanted

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Performance based online marketing company to buy

  • The sales of the online marketing company to buy should be between 3m and 20m Euro
  • The location can be anywhere in Europe or globally
  • The company should focus on online marketing via a performance based or affiliate networking model
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer has a strong platform with a lot of advertisers and publishers. It is now looking for similar companies with a strong local presence and good contacts to advertisers and publishers to add these to it’s platform
  • CFIE T0176

Affiliate marketing buyer

The buyer has grown via a few acquisitions in the market of online performance marketing. Its platform is currently of a high quality and can be used for more advertisers. The company is leading the European and global consolidation via acquisitions. It is constantly expanding the services of its platform and has good functionality in the area of mobile and social networking.

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Performance based marketing company to buy

The company to buy should have preferably a large array of advertisers that are interested in advertising in other countries as well. Further, if the performance based advertiser has good contacts to publishers this is of high interest as well. The company open for a sale can migrate its advertisers to the platform of the buyer and work as an integrated company.


  • The buyer is a fast growing company with a strong affiliate or performance based marketing platform
  • The buyer wants to increase its presence in the European and global market via the acquisition of more similar performance based marketing companies
  • The company to buy should be active as a performance based online marketing company
  • The management of the target company should be able to stay or leave after a handover to the buyer

Information on performance based marketing company wanted

Please do get in touch if you know such performance based marketing companies available in Europe or globally. This buyer is open to acquire a company as described above. Fill out contact form (get in touch).