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Optic injection molding company to buy


  • The size of the wanted optics-related injection molding company should be medium
  • The revenue size of the target company should be between 2-20 million EUR
  • The location can be across Europe – Western EU and Eastern EU
  • #CFIE PLB196
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer aims to expand its position in the European market by acquiring an optic injection molding company in Europe. The buyer is looking for a 100% acquisition and benefits from synergies and its knowledge in the plastic optic market


Overview of the buyer for an optic injection molding company

German-based plastic optic injection molding company is interested in the purchase of a small or medium optic-related injection molding company anywhere in Europe. The buyer is one of the leading plastic optic injection molding manufacturers in Europe. They develop, produce, and sell optical plastic products for various industries. The buyer is specialized in injection molding of optics for automotive (LED head lighting), medical, and photonic applications. The buyer is growing strongly in these markets (>20% p.a.). To further strengthen its position and be able to serve new markets, the buyer is looking to acquire a technology-driven mid-size company in eastern Europe that specializes in mold manufacturing and injection molding. The buyer has strong support from its investors to step forward with this growth strategy.

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The principal feature of the production is a state-of-the-art, largely automated injection molding facility with approximately 40 machines. This capacity is continuously expanding. Injection molding tools with up to 16 cavities enable plastic lenses with a center thickness of more than 40 mm to be produced on a mass scale.

The injection molding machines are able to meet the requirements of all classes of mold clamping force up to a clamping force of 500 tons. Modern peripheral devices such as robot systems, laser cutting systems, as well as fully automatic test and measurement equipment, ensure economic production of medium to large-scale series.

Profile (strategy) of the injection molding company wanted

The buyer is looking for a small or medium-sized optic injection molding company that can provide optic injection mold manufacturing in Europe. The buyer is active in optical injection molding, and product innovation and seeks to grow its position in the Eastern European market. The company is the best supplier of plastic optics for your applications and optical components. The buyer is also a manufacturer of high-precision polymer optical components for industrial applications and LED lighting. The buyer is a specialist in the design and production of optical devices and precision optics manufactured from plastic and silicone. The products are used in many different fields, such as automotive, medical technology, lighting, and sensor technology. The buyer is both a partner and solution provider in all areas associated with optics. These can be optical fibers and reflectors with the finest tolerances.


Injection molding products and applications to buy

The buyer is looking for an optic injection molding company. The company is a one-stop provider. It works from conception through to production. All planning and testing are carried out in its own development and construction department and measurement laboratories. The target company should ideally be active and able to provide the following injection molding-related capabilities, products, and applications:

  • Thick-walled lenses and reflectors
  • Lenses for LED matrix and headlights
  • Reflectors for head-up displays
  • Backlights and vehicle interior lighting
  • Reflectors, and plastic lenses
  • Sensor application lightning
  • Optics for sensor and measurement applications
  • Lenses, reflectors, and LED assemblies for medical lighting
  • Disposable optics for eye surgery
  • Optics for interior and exterior lighting
  • LED-related lighting in public transport


Highlights of the optic plastic buyer


  • The target company should be an optical injection molding company in Eastern Europe
  • The buyer is a German-based plastic injection molding company that focuses on optic injection molding
  • The buyer has a strong investor to grow the business further
  • The revenue of the wanted company should be between 2-20 million EUR annually


Information on this optical injection molding company wanted

Please do get in touch if you know of optical injection molding companies open for sale. This buyer aims to acquire an operating company in the plastic industry in Europe. The injection molding company should be of medium size. Fill out the contact form to get in touch. For more plastic companies for sale, please visit plastics companies for sale. For more plastic companies wanted, please visit plastics companies wanted.

More information on this plastic optic injection molding

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this plastic optic injection molding. For more plastics companies for sale please visit the section plastics companies for sale. For other plastics buyers, please visit the section plastics companies wanted. If you are instead interested in plastics companies for sale, please visit the plastics companies for sale section. For plastics buyers, please visit the section plastics companies wanted.

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