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Medical logistics company Europe

Medical logistics company to buy

  • Sales: 1m to 20m Euro
  • Location: European logistic company ideally located in France, Germany, Holland or Belgium
  • Employees: 10 to 200 (-Small or medium size company)
  • EBITDA    : € 0,2 m - € 2 m
  • Specialised in goods requiring careful temperature control.
  • Courier active in logistics and warehousing for pharmaceutical or medical distribution
  • CFIE HCB028
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on warehousing in the medical industry with value added additional services and wants to provide medical (temperature controlled) logistics services across Europe to its customers

Overview medical logistics company

A global logistics and warehousing company with a focus on the medical industry wants to expand and build up a larger position across Europe. Given the industry requirements where the pharmaceutical deliveries are time critical and sensitive, the buyer has developed an outstanding service to courier pharmaceutical products or biological samples for/to health sites. The primary objective is to ensure that the shipment is delivered on time and in optimal conditions, for this goal the company offers special services for extremely urgent situations where the courier is done in few hours. The courier vehicles are temperature controlled (frozen or room temperature) and it is backed by the latest technology. Temperature in the vehicles can be controlled in real time (on line) through GPS. The IT infrastructure provides the client the option not only to track the status of the delivery but also to control the temperature of the shipment.  The Company has one of the biggest modern courier fleet in Spain, which allows providing services in Spain including Ceuta, Melilla, Majorca, Canary Island and Andorra. The company is a logistic partner with a global reach that has done various acquisitions already. The company operates a supply chain network for its clients with temperature controlled solutions and distribution.


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Strategy of medical (temperature controlled) logistics buyer

The company is active in temperature controlled logistics and warehousing for the medical industry. The company has a large distribution network for medical related clients. The buyer provides value-added logistics and value-added services in the medical distribution area. The strategy is to optimally serve its international customers with global medical distribution. The company is interested in buying a medical logistics company in Europe that has strong temperature controlled logistics and warehousing capabilities. The clear focus is on the medical industry, but also other temperature controlled industries like pharma.

Ideal profile of temperature controlled medical logistics company to be acquired
The focus should be on temperature controlled warehousing and logistics in the medical industry. The company to buy should be active in warehousing and distribution of medical products. It is ideal when targets provide value-added logistics. The temperature controlled company should ideally be located in France, Germany, Holland or Belgium.

Highlights temperature controlled logistics buyer

The company has a lot of experience in the medical industry and serves many customers across Spain. It wants to extend this business model to further new locations in Europe (France, Germany, Holland or Belgium).

Information on temperature controlled logistics buyer

Please do get in touch if you know such logistics companies with medical logistics activity in Europe open for a business sale. For logistics, transportation or warehousing buyers please visit the section transportation companies wanted. For further logistics, transportation or warehousing companies for sale please visit the section transportation companies for sale.
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