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Company to buy

  • Size: small or medium-sized business
  •  Revenue: 2 – 20 million EUR
  • Possible location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of a central European marine parts manufacturer is looking for a similar oriented company that is open to an acquisition
  • #CFIE MAB030

Overview of this buyer for a marine door manufacturingcompany

The buyer, one of the largest marine manufacturers in the world, is looking for companies with experience in the marine door and closures manufacturing industry. The buyer is looking for either acquisition, joint-stock or other structures of M&A, the management of the buyer is open for discussions and will be happy to consider any offer from the owner of marine closures manufacturers.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for a marine door manufacturer company 

The buyer is a large manufacturing company located in the U.S., specialized in the design, engineering and manufacturing of closures for boat/yacht and ship building industry.

The buyer is operating globally, with sales representations in over 50 countries worldwide. The company ships its products to ship manufacturers, militaries, navies, and yacht manufacturers. The company is regarded for its highly innovative approach to the manufacturing process.

The buyer has very modern production facilities located in North America, with a top-level team of engineers and manufacturing staff. The company does not have a manufacturing facility in Europe, which is the reason for its acquisition intentions. The subsidiary in Europe would grant the company synergies and higher cost-efficiency in supplying European customers.

The acquisition may take place as soon as the suitable target is found and the parameters of the deal are agreed upon. The acquired target would benefit from the transaction, as it would gain extensive technological knowledge, access to buyer’s patents, new customers and new markets.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is looking for manufacturing companies (manufacturers) specialized in marine parts manufacturing, especially manufacturers of

  • Marine doors
  • Marine portlights
  • Weathertight marine doors
  • Yacht doors
  • Yacht hatches
  • Yacht windows
  • Commercial marine doors
  • Cast hatches etc.

The buyer is interested in the manufacturers of closures to both commercial and recreational vessels. The target revenue should exceed 2 million EUR, and should not be in significant debt.

The target should be located in one of the EU countries, as it would make cooperation easier after the transaction. The company is looking for companies with extensive business knowledge, established supplier relationships and a strong focus on its market. The company has to have its own designs and a skilled engineering department.

Highlights of this buyer for a marine door manufacturer 

  • The buyer is a well-established supplier of parts to the marine industry
  • The target should be operating in the same industry as the buyer (marine closures) and have its own manufacturing capacities
  • The target should have a team of skilled engineers and should be capable of creating own designs

Information about this buyer for a marine door manufacturer

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