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Logistics Real Estate in Eastern Europe Wanted

Logistics real estate in Eastern Europe wanted

•    Size: small sized business
•    Revenue: EUR 5-20M
•    Location of the company: Eastern Europe
•    Reason for acquisition: investment for increasing profitability
•    #CFIE TRB098

Overview of the buyer of a logistics real estate in Eastern Europe

The Europe based investments company which is involved in a managing and development of a several facilities in the transport and logistics industry is looking for new investments opportunities in Eastern Europe. The buyer is willing to acquire a small logistics terminal, but with very large MAN, VOLVO, DAF brands truck maintaining workshop and parking area, with the purpose to advance and develop to higher standards and newest requirements. The management of the buyer company is very well experienced in similar transactions and in modernization of truck service depots and logistics terminals and their entry to the business is a doubtless premise to successful growth and elaboration.

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Profile (strategy) of the buyer of a logistics real estate in Eastern Europe

The buyer is actively involved in transportation and logistics industry, focusing on purchasing and developing logistics terminals within Europe and combines them under one management team and company name. The company has a years of experience in operating with many  transport and logistics terminals and truck service  facilities that are related with handling of industrial and commercial cargos arriving or dispatching by truck trailers and containers . The buyer is considering buying opportunities with the purpose to dominate the market in particular region by revelation its experience, know-how and stream to increasing volumes.   

Activities and products of the logistics real estate in Eastern Europe wanted  

The target for acquisition is an experienced truck service workshop and terminal with large truck parking area, with clear development prospects. Decisive point is strategic location and handful environment for improvement of the multi-functional terminal wanted. The logistics real estate is wanted preferably as in Poland and in West Russia. Proximity to the regular traffic of trucks will significant factor for evaluating the business.

Highlights of the buyer and the logistics real estate in Eastern Europe wanted

•    The buyer is very well established in  logistics real estate management and
      transport industry
•    The buyer has extensive experience in evolving logistic facilities and terminals
•    The management is looking for targets preferably in West Russia  and Eastern
•    Acquired  logistics real estate will become part of progressive group in the market
•    The company with professional mechanics should be eager for improvement and

More information about the buyer and the logistics real estate in Eastern Europe wanted

Contact us for more information about this logistics real estate in Eastern Europe wanted. For more buyers of companies in the transportation industry please visit the following section other transportation companies wanted. For other transportation companies for sale visit the section other transportation companies for sale.

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