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  • Location: Europe
  • Active in alcoholic beverages
  • #CFIE FOB050
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on expanding its current portfolio of strong local European brands of alcoholic beverages such as still and sparkling wines and spirits

Overview of this buyer of beverages company in Europe

A European alcoholic beverages company with a focus on quality still wines and spirits want to expand further out of its core country and do one or more acquisitions in Europe. The buyer is very interested in companies for sale with a good local reputation, brand image, and focus on quality to achieve success. The buyer started several decades ago and since then it has expanded significantly throughout Europe and the world and is eager to continue this expansion in Europe. The beverages company buyer has managed to grow year on year both in revenues and sales volume despite an overall market decline of almost 15%.

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The strategy of this buyer of beverages company in Europe

The European beverages buyer supplies to several countries in six continents around the globe. It is determined to pay the right price for the right target. It provides high-quality and tasty beverages from a range of award-winning and secular local brands. The buyer strongly believes that local brands are more likely to shape a market and survive even under pressure from industry consolidation.

Ideal profile of the alcoholic beverages company to be acquired

The focus of the company to be acquired should be on local markets, brand image, and quality. It should be located in Europe and ideally be active in traditional alcoholic beverages that stand out in the local market. The beverages company buyer is also very keen to buy local producers of still or sparkling wine to enhance its geographic presence in Europe and combine forces to improve local sales, using its expertise and brand image with another reputable local brand.

Highlights of this buyer of beverages company in Europe

Here are some of the highlights of the buyer:

  • High focus on local brand image and reputation
  • The company has a lot of experience in the beverages industry
  • It enjoys a strong brand image from over a century old
  • It promotes responsible drinking
  • Extend this business model to Europe


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