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Software office suite company

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Company (consumer software office suite) to buy

  • Sales of the consumer software office suite company wanted: 50m to 100m Euro
  • EBITDA margin of the company to be acquired should be high: >20%
  • The available budget for acquisition: 100mm - 200mm Euro
  • Location consumer software office suite company wanted: Europe
  • Employees of the software office suite company wanted: 100 to 500
  • CFIE ITB288
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to extend its product office suite offering with high quality products. It also wants to extend its distribution network of ICT office products so it can sell its own products better into the European market.

Overview software office suite buyer

A consumer software office suite company is interested in growing it’s office suite portfolio offering further via acquisitions. It is looking for software office suite companies that provide high quality office products and have a good reach into Europe. The buyer is a software productivity solution provider. This is also the type of company it is looking for in countries all across Europe but with a preference for Western Europe. The preferred knowledge of the acquisition target should be that it has a strong distribution channels for B2B IT solutions. Alternatively it would also need to have strong channels or brands for direct downloads and retail sales.

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Profile (strategy) Consumer software office suite buyer

The company offers a high quality consumer software office suite (similar to Microsoft Office Suite). The strategy of the buyer is to look for a productivity solution company in Europe. The buyer provides office suites just like MS office suites - for all devices and all platforms. The buyer is looking for M&A opportunity in Europe with the purpose to collaborate its solutions with the target company's solutions.

Activities and services Consumer software office suite buyer

The buyer is a service provider of software office suite products. The buyer is active with the following activities:

  • Software office suite
  • Excel or calculation products and solutions
  • Presentation tools
  • Further products like Ms Office products

Highlights software office suite buyer

The software suite company has an interesting product portfolio and is open to extend the product base with further software products and grow a reach into Europe.

Information regarding this consumer software office suite buyer

Please do get in touch if you know of possible software office suite targets open for a business sale to this strategic software office suite buyer. For more ICT buyers please visit our section of ICT buyers. For ICT companies for sale please visit the section ICT companies for sale.