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Flexible packaging film manufacturer wanted Europe

Company to buy

  • Size: small to medium sized business
  • Location: Europe
  • #CFIE PLB021

Overview of the flexible packaging films manufacturer wanted in Europe

The investor is a world leader in the manufacture of flexible packaging film products for a variety of applications, including high-shrink labels, candy wrappers, agro-textiles and more. It provides its line of eco-friendly films to converters and other third parties who apply them in industries such as beverages, food, confectionery, agriculture and others. 

Profile (strategy) of this potential buyer of a flexible packaging films manufacturer in Europe

The buyer is a privately-owned company established in 1970s. Having acquired years of industry know-how and expertise, keeping on the cutting edge of the latest market trends, the company’s mission is to manufacture innovative products that provide full solutions for customers’ needs, and significant added value, while minimizing their environmental footprint.

The buyer is oriented mainly at production of environmentally friendly and recyclable films using MDO technology, they are supplying its products to top global brands. The company already has some presence in Europe, they own warehouses in Northern Europe and the USA.

The company wishes to expand in Europe and is looking for a target in the same line of business. The buyer would cover the acquisition out of its own funds, the buyer is ready to invest up to 5 million EUR. The plan is to acquire and build its European base, and expand it by adding more production lines.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is looking mainly for plastic film producers and distributors serving the flexible packaging & labelling needs in segments such as

  • food & beverage
  • cosmetics & cleaning
  • household
  • medical market segments

Candidates whom are distributors should have a proven success selling globally to major brands. Manufacturing candidates should have proven experience producing  plastic films using blown extrusion, preferably PE, and must have additional unused facility that can host additional production lines. The target must have experience serving European brands.

The target should have ideally between 5 to 15 million EUR in sales. 

The target should have good management that is willing to continue after the takeover. Requisite quality certification is a must. The buyer is open to non-standard transaction structures - acquiring 100% or majority stake, setting up a  joint venture or just an asset purchase. Turn-around situation cases or distressed companies can also be an option.

Highlights of the flexible packaging films manufacturer wanted in Europe

  • The acquirer is headquartered outside Europe 
  • Small to medium size flexible packaging films company wanted in Europe
  • The buyer is ready to invest up to 5 million EUR

More information about this potential buyer for flexible packaging films manufacturer in Europe

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